Public freakout

By erineilis - 16/08/2011 14:22 - United States

Today, while driving into work, a guy cut me off and I yelled some nasty things out of my window at him. He heard me, followed me to work, took a baseball bat out and then chased me into the office. He also smashed my windshield on his way out. FML
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I hope you got his license plate number so you can press charges.

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JustAnotherKid4U 5
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Chuck Norris is too busy to beat up a douche bag...

enough with the chuck norris jokes, they're getting so old and lame.....

Lol I like how OP just says "nasty things" like it's taboo to say I cussed the bitch out

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and your first thought was to go to work when you know he was following you?

When I read this I knew you'd be from New York.

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LOL whaaat A FAIL. this is actually funny, but would be even better to watch a recording of hahahaha. u must have said some pretty mean things and or he was psychotic.

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Someone needs counselling.... 0.0

If he did all that, then you must have no feelings whatsoever.

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44- Yup. If you can drive in NY, you can drive anywhere. 32- I agree 100%.

Maybe it will teach you to think twice before you scream at me!

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when all chuck Norris dies, all the jokes will b kinda awkward

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When Chuck Norris gets back home late at night, he doesn't turn the light on - he turns the dark off!

I suppose you could report him to the police. Surely someone else must have seen it, and you must have a faint memory of what he/his car looked like?

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Two angry people don't mix well...

wow people are just so crazy..... it's safer to just live in a bubble :p

40- a gun doesn't work if the guy calls your bluff and most people would be crappin there pants pulling it out. A taser is better for those who aren't trained enough and it's not as easy to kill a man with a taser

tjv3 10

that is why you don't talk mess if you can't defend yourself

YDI for not carrying a pistol. True, you might have gone to jail in the back of a police car. But New York Mortuary Service would have carried his crazy dead ass away in the back of a van.

@40: You just ain't carrying a big enough gun.

40: Hmmm something tells me a gun would not really go well....

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Now this is the right time to hav a switchblade in ur shoe

Guns are a cause of half of the US's crimes. They don't protect you. There have been studies that show having a gun does nothing to protect you can often ends up causing far more harm. Look it up. Guns are bad mkay.

People are the cause of crimes, a gun is just an easier tool to act out their crimes. Don't be ignorant to the fact that people are the ones that are in fact dangerous. Blame the people doing the crime, not guns.

I hope you got his license plate number so you can press charges.

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Of course they didn't get the license plate.

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Thats the first thing my mom always does after yelling "What the f*** you f***ing asshole!" worst part is then she calls the police to report it too...

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Lets hope you can draw also...they might wanna picture of what he might look like 1 hour from now.

I think they might have been a bit busy trying to run away from the mad man with the bat

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Damn those crazy drivers, what happened to a simple honk back

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this would've been great on the episode TRUE LIFE: I have anger issues.

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Kill his first born child....

That methods been obsolete in NYC for a very long time.

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O_o what obscenities could you yell to make someone do that.

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A demon arises in me when people piss me off when I drive, and I spew some obscenities that I couldn't think of in a million years if I were in my usual state of mind.

24 - I know what you mean, it's a certain kind of inspiration. Call of Duty has the same effect I find

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62 call of duty can change me into something crazy when I get raped. I always call people pussy cake it makes no sense :/

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68- CoD is deteriorating your brain, play Battlefield or Halo.

haha I cuss people all the time when I drive... I would shit if that happened to me!

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5. Then why do you scream obscenities if you cannot deal with the consequences? Both stupid and a pussy. lol.

5 - Your profile says you are at most 16 years old. You are probably a worse driver than the people you scream obscenities at.

actually considering it says u were born in 96' you can't even drive yet?

You'd think he'd be in a hurry if he's cutting people off...

I don't think he was in a hurry enough to go break his windshield with a baseball bat.....

I think that was supposed to be a rhetorical question...

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Some people seem to think violence is the answer these days.

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Violence is not the answer, it's the question, yes is the answer.

road rage is a hell of a thing. all rational thought is gone

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You should have built up the suspense by going into the elevator and waiting in the elevator for him right as he is gaining ground on you. Then, when he is two inches from getting into the elevator, press the button to close the door.

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I don't think anyone could stop a crazy man with a bat.

What if you close the door too late and end up trapped in a small metal box with a crazy guy holding a bat who is pissed off at you.

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I didn't know elevator doors can close so quickly...

if he has 2 inches he can get in the elevator.

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He had a bat, so you could have hit him with your car...