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Today, a snow storm rolled into my small town, leaving my car stuck under 3 feet of snow. I called my boss to tell her I couldn't drive to work. Her reply? "Walk." FML
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mikejunior88 4

lol, i had to call in to work once because my car wouldn't start, & my boss offered to come pick me up. talk about awkward.

Hope you don't get frostbite on your way there :)


Hope you don't get frostbite on your way there :)

how far away from your wokplace do you live... there's a big difference between 5 minutes or 1 hour of walking... :P

well, I'm in Oklahoma and I'm stuck at my house with 3 foot snowdrifts all around lol... it's -20 atm

24 I think what you mean is, if it's a business in general, they should be rational, and instead of jeopardizing their workers to make a $100 dollar profit on a slow day to appease the morons who think today is a good day to shop, they should just freaking close down for the day.

Or they may be a small business that services the whole country? Perhaps they are a wholesaler or in IT and they have customers that aren't affected by a local storm. Everybody is always quick to say the boss sucks but in my experience employees suck more. People think just by showing up they deserve a raise!

I'm in Oklahoma too. maybe op lives in Oklahoma

wow you'd be a horrible person to work for.

well it's snow. you would be cold within 10 minutes. unless you want to go to work looking Like a marshmellow.

66 I'm the same way but I don't live in a snow area but I live in a hurricane area. a block and a half from the ocean. I still go to work impede cat 3 and up because I have left town. also I walk around the beach when they come in and walk around the block during it.

I've never seen snow before :) but I live in Cali XD

mikejunior88 4

lol, i had to call in to work once because my car wouldn't start, & my boss offered to come pick me up. talk about awkward.

Yeah, they offered to do you a favor... like a boss...

I can see how it's awkward because you're stuck in a car with your boss, probably forced to have some conversation you don't really feel like having.

mikejunior88 4

#15: lol, considering the fact that i hated my boss & she hated me even more, i really didnt want to be stuck in a car w/ her.

MissFukMyLuck 0

same happened to me this morning. sorry to hear it!!! if only the world could shut down for connivence

at least you were offered a lift? your boss is nicer than OP's by miles.

gobluemegan 1

Get a ride with someone else?

that's kinda hard when other people will probably be stuck too dontcha think?

Three feet of snow? Dont want to sound like an asshole, but go grab a shovel and suck it up.

So put on a jacket, hat + scarf and walk? not much of an FML since she doesn't say where her work is or how far away.

youfailed18 0

The small town I live in never gets snow days for that reason

Get a shovel and dig your bloody car out. Then get a piece of sheet metal or two pieces of plywood, weld/glue to your car to create a makeshift plow. Drive your ass to work, plow the parking lot there and get back to work instead of posting FML's.

newjerseyguy 0

@ #9 Um HELLO has no one seen 3 feet of snow before! I live in alberta and the only that is getting out of the drive way with three feet of snow is 4x4 Trucks. Shovelling would take so much time that by the time you got to work your shift would be over