By spriggs - United States
Today, I was walking down the street and spotted a man who was about 6 and a half feet tall passing by me. As he passed me, I turned and asked him "How's the weather up there?" He then turned around, spat on me, and replied "Raining." FML
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  chippa  |  24

I'm 6'3 and it doesn't really bother me when people talk about my height or make stupid remarks... I just never have anything to reply with. I like this.

  HeroOfMi  |  0

131 - grow up...

I'm 6ft and I hate people talking about my height. you think it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but people freaking out every time they see you gets old. This is sort of off track, but I'm tall and suck at basketball! that's not how it's supposed to work! D:

*ahem* anyway, I wouldn't have the heart to spit on somebody for trying to be funny (unless they are being an ass...I still wouldn't spit, but I'd find something else.) so the tall guy is kind of a douche..a funny douche..but a douche.

and OP! ydi for being unoriginal! (I realize I just used the completely unoriginal insult, "douche" nobody troll on me about being a hypocrite.)


im 6 feet tall and 14. I've been bullied my whole life about my height. for instance; this year, because of my height, I have a low voice for a girl, and because I had glasses, my nickname was "Dyk with Glasses". thanks a lot society. ydi

  riku3220  |  2

I can understand how annoying it would be to have people commenting on your height every time you meet someone, but to spit on them? Is spitting on them really an appropriate response to that kind of thing?

  JuliaM1000  |  10

Uhhh...63? I think that's the girl ur talking to, because I have never heard a guys name as "SexyAmber".....unless he's on his gfs screen ot I gratituding it to her.......

  valuemeal2  |  1

I hear that. I was 6'3" at age 14. Everyone always said the boys would catch up, but here's the sad truth: They never will. Everyone always called me "lesbo" too, because apparently being man-sized means I like women? Don't see the correlation there...

  jweezy89  |  4

216, the correlation is that since you have "man-like" features you may also have "man-like" sexual preferences. Was that only blatantly obvious to me?


I'm 6"4' and I just felt like asking how the line "How's the weather up there?" ever took off.

The average male is about 5"10', why would there be even a remote weather difference 6 inches higher off the ground?

Clearly the person that thought up the "insult" had a lower IQ than the hieght difference; and the people that repeat it, even less.

Kudos to the guy for his quick thinking.

  sophiem4861  |  0

#159 I'm 6ft and 14 too, sucks don't it..
ydi op it may be a joke to you but some people are really sensitive about their I was at the point of suicide because people took the mikkie, I like this tall dude, he is very witty haha :)

  sparklesxD  |  0

#1 - how is he an ass? he probably ment it as a joke and the tall guy took it the wrong way, or is maybe sensitive about his height. it doesn't make him an ass.


thats wat you get! you're rude so you get treated a you deserved to. im glad that haooened to you. you shouldnt get sympathy for being rude to other people. wat the hell is wrong with you?!

  fml_mu  |  10

It's alright to joke when its a friend, someone you know well, not a complete stranger. And I guess we should respect everyone's nature the way he is and do not laugh at it. Coz he never chose to be tall himself, that's how he is. If it has been a friend and you joke with him knowing that he is ok with it then it's fine, but if u are a true friend and u know he does not like to be joked upon his height, yo need to respect him.

  raineydayes  |  0

Me too 137!! The worst is when random people come up to me and tell me I should play basketball. Like excuse me, I'm going to do whatever sport I damn well feel like! I'm going to play a sport because I love it, not because I'm six feet tall. I play tennis because I love it and it makes me happy.

By  bt2breakskn  |  0

that's a well earned lugi storm. have a common respect for people. maybe he was teased when he was younger for being tall. ever thing of that? sure some people should lighten up, but that doesn't mean they will.