By Zeco - 05/02/2011 22:54 - United States

Today, I was driving to work when I was almost hit by a teenage driver. I gave her the finger and shouted "F*** you!" making sure that she heard me. I then saw my boss glaring at me from the passenger seat. FML
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Wow, give the poor teenager a break, I don't think there's a reason to yell "**** you". We all have to be new drivers at some time.

you_failed 15

Hahaha xD YDI. Just honk! No need to make yourself look like an enraged idiot. :P


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Hmm I smell a fire. Oh wait, it's just you being fired.

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(^○^) Silly Christians, logic are for others!

Ol' David probably didn't study for his rectal and played a C major chord. I'm just bored. Someone please entertain me. :'(

You just entertained the living hell out of me by talking about David studying for his rectal.

Doc, is that a coke bottle shoved up someones ass?

Yes, that's a patient of mine from about 3 years ago.

That would entertain you, DB. Now we see that you're a proctologist, Herr Doctor. :)

I'm more of the R&B type. but let me know when this David is having a concert ill do my best to attend it.

Nah, a proctologist (aka gastroenterologist) specializes in all things digestive, with a slant towards internal medicine (though they do colonoscopies and upper endoscopies as well). I'm a general and trauma surgeon. Rectal foreign objects (and the assholes who insert them) usually fall to us.

Good Lord, I just saw the bottle in your profile picture, DB. That entertained me. Thank you! :D

KaySL, I see innumerable people with their heads up their asses right here on FML daily.

The biggest thing ever shoved up someone's ass was a bowling pin! It wasn't easy, but I got it in there...

sourgirl101 28

Have a Coke and a smile. Damn, I really thought that picture was a gag pic or an illusion with the X-ray taken with the bottle outside of the person's body. The things people do is mind boggling.

Removing something from an asshole from an asshole? Mind blown.

sara8866 8

Doc I have a question did the patient explain why he/she stuffed the bottle up their ass?

why woodnt you shove a bottle up your ass?

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EXACTLY! OP deserves it all the way.

man op youz a b***h driving is hard to learn so you should be more understanding.

you_failed 15

Hahaha xD YDI. Just honk! No need to make yourself look like an enraged idiot. :P

If your boss asks you about it, just tell him/her that their offspring needs to be more careful. Your boss wasn't driving AND it was outside of work. Termination of employment could be grounds for a lawsuit depending on where you live. If it's somewhere that employment is considered at-will, you're screwed.

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completely agree. I don't care who it was, I would've done the same thing.

GreeneyedWonder 0

Wow, give the poor teenager a break, I don't think there's a reason to yell "**** you". We all have to be new drivers at some time.

MrsConcieded2k14 0

THANK YOU!!! I'll be doing drivers ed this summer and it's people like this that scared me shitless

hahaha I like findin student drivers on the road. get in my big ass truck, ride their ass, rail on the horn, maybe follow em for a bit. so fun screwin with em

Go ahead. Wait until the student driver hits their brakes, and you in your "big ass truck" find you have too much momentum to stop in time, so you rear-end them. Genius.

Yup makes me laugh. If anyone drives too close or whatever when im learning to drive i laugh at them, they're the ones who are more likely to get hit.

so your saying if they slam on the brakes and the momentum of my truck keeps goin, that I'll rear-end them? really 122? quit tryin to be smart smart ass friggin hate kids

sorry 122, meant 112 dont fret, I still hate you both equally

Um... why, what do *you* think would happen? Your truck will magically come to a stop miles away from their rear bumper?

snowboarder1417 2

Whoa, slow your roll there, road rage.

derpherp 0

I see nothing wrong here... Good job and if the little bastard almost hits you again do the same thing.

srgsk9 9

+1, I'm 17 and have enough sense to watch other cars and pedestrians. I also have enough sense to know not to hit them.

#11 is right I'm 16 and yell the same thing to stupid drivers they get me so made

16-year-olds shouldn't be yelling at "stupid drivers." Didn't anyone teach you about the dangers of road rage?

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I'm sensing a Pink Slip in your future...

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and then your boss saw his/her boss get flipped off by their boss in your passenger seat!!

Why you have to go and make things so complicated =D

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why you gotta make a big deal about it?

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