By stalked - 08/01/2014 20:27 - United States - Boca Raton

Today, to avoid a guy who's been creepily following me around school lately, I ducked into the girl's bathroom. After few minutes, he stuck his head in with his eyes closed and asked if I was done yet. FML
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RenoTheRhino 30

Tell a teacher or the principal. That could seriously escalate.


RenoTheRhino 30

Tell a teacher or the principal. That could seriously escalate.

I think it just did....

RenoTheRhino 30

Maybe next time, his eyes won't be closed.. ;)

agree. could go to her house next. scary.

Is his name Tom? If so, peeking is in the name, so his eyes may not have been closed the ENTIRE time.

kman8599 8

Or peeping?

No man... Let him have his moment, peeking tom, do go on.

If by escalate you mean OP could wake up chained to something in his basment. I completely agree :/ OP needs to get a restraining order.

Well that must of.... Escalated quickly... -puts on shades- YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

1PersonIsMyWorld 22


OP do tell someone! If you are still in high school, see if you can talk to the guidance counselor and principal at the same time. They will take it from there. If you are in College, call the police! He is too old to be doing shit like that and knows better unless he's "special needs". I know that sometimes we don't want to make a big deal about somethings but really this is a big issue, it might be harmless now or just with you but this is how creepers start creeping! Nip it in the bud fast and with the help of someone with authority!! Let them take care of it, they will know the correct amount of action to take. Don't be shy when your feeling like this, take care of yourself!

Out of every school I've been to, my principles either ignore the problem and call me a liar or they tell me to "talk it out" with them... I hate this town/state... Anyways, hopefully, OP, your school is not like mine and they will do something. If they don't do anything, go to your local police department or whatever authority WILL act upon such an event and ask for guidance. That's what I had to do to get something done.

Just like 109s comment

Hope that perv gets suspended

Damian95 16

What he's doing is not only creepy but illegal.

you don't know what fun is

#107 and what is fun in this may I ask?

#107 i cannot stop laughing at your comment omg

tell him to stop following you and you dont like him

Rainhawk94 27

That'll just get him hard

Is there a way to tell him to eff off and alert the cops to what you've done. Leaving a proven trail is important.

He'll see it as a challenge and try harder.

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#4 His eyes may have been closed, but pepper spray also affect the nose, mouth, and some special kinds of pepper sprays can burn the skin.

#50 were you trying to respond to #29?

euphoricness 28

61, it clearly states he's replying to 4

Brianna_Ray 23

That is seriously creepy!! Maybe you need to start carrying pepper spray?

His eyes are closed! Pepper spray won't affect him!

BradTheBrony 19

Capsaicin doesn't only effect the eyes.

once he opens his eyes, he should feel a burn

HJKM_fml 19

Pepper spray is illegal in some areas. Best off telling an adult you trust. Also, document each instance so you can show what he's done. Also, when and where. Best of luck OP.

Brianna_Ray 23

I'm just saying that if he is willing to follow her into the girls bathroom at school, what other creepy things is he willing to do!

I think you would be allowed to use pepper spray of someone is stalking you and followed you into the bathroom

How will that work if his eyes are closed?

97- you would think that, but if it's not allowed, it's not allowed. even though pepper spray is legal here, i had mine confiscated at the county fair for having it in my purse. now i dont have it in case of an emergency :(

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#113- I've heard wasp spray works as well as pepper spray, plus there's a longer spray reach. ;P

o.O Wasp spray? Like... I spray them with a wasp pheromone so that wasps come and eat the rapist alive?!?!? WHAT A GREAT INVENTION! Um... I mean... I would most definitely look into wasp spray. :)

carry Nokia spray. he'll survive pepper, but not those things.

You need to speak to a teacher or the principle about this! This creep is really crossing the line and no one should be made to feel uncomfortable!

Speaking to the principle seems like a good idea! It's the principal that this behavior cannot be tolerated that will drive him to see OPs side :)

Methinks you're confusing principles. ;-)

Methinks I was doing a very bad pun. Apologies.

Report him, and stop stalling...

Haha... Beat me to that pun.

I'm sure he didn't mean to make a pun... or did he? o_O

alexhanakahi 14

Haha. Stalling...

That's crossing the limit, and could result in a serious issue. Definitely talk to someone

Just tell him to fuck off

I bet OP did by now. And I sounds like it didn't work.