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Today, I decided to to gather up the courage to ask the cute boy in my math class for his number. He gave it to me, and I texted him later that night. But little did I know he actually gave me the number of the creep in class who is always grabbing my ass. I ended up asking the creep out. FML
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youngmessi252525 20

Report the creepy guy for sexual harassment and then he won't risk doing it again, and punch the other guy in the throat!

aukaylaheath 16

Instead of giving you a different guys number, he could have just said no.


aukaylaheath 16
ExtremeEncounter 32

And girls are perfect little angels. Please.

Oh, so one guy is cruel and you blame the males for it? Thanks, you know we are required for breeding you know, so please, don't associate all of us with that guy, or anyone else who has done someone else wrong and we won't do the same to you.

And you're too quick to make assumptions.

I mean it's common knowledge boys are made of slugs and snails and puppy dog's tails, I don't know why you're getting your pants in a twist about it.

not all of them besides girls have done some bad things too

youngmessi252525 20

Report the creepy guy for sexual harassment and then he won't risk doing it again, and punch the other guy in the throat!

Well how's that going to stand up he has proof she called or text.

I'm assuming the harassment would stem from the ass grabbing but I could wrong. It's been known to happen..

Sathane 21

Physically assault the other guy for doing exactly what bitches have been doing to guys? LOL Oh well. Equality. she punches him, he gets to knock her the **** out, right?

#35: So you repeatedly refer to women as "bitches" and gleefully recommend "LOL, just knock her the **** out"... and you wonder why women won't give you their number..? Seriously, you just demonstrated WHY women give out fake numbers - because there are far too many instances of violent men harassing, attacking or killing women for not handing over their phone number. It sucks for any decent guy with a genuine and polite interest, but a woman's life trumps a man's feelings every time. Teach everyone that no means no, and that you are NOT entitled to other people's time and attention if they don't want to give you it, and this shouldn't be a problem. And yes, there are vicious women who'll do this kind of thing for fun, and they're every bit as scummy as OP's crush. But women are much, MUCH less likely to physically assault a man for refusing to give out his number. Unless OP has a history of covert military training or X-Men like superpowers, this guy didn't give her a fake number because he was alarmed, but because he thought it'd be funny to set the class creep on her. So if we're playing "spot the bitch", it's definitely him. For what it's worth though, punching him won't accomplish anything, satisfying as it may be. Most people of the crush's...caliber are quick to harm others, but go running off crying to the school administration when they're paid back in kind. The guy's not worth a suspension. OP, you have two guys with two separate red flags. Report both of them - one for sexual harassment, one for deliberately putting your privacy and wellbeing at risk. With any luck, you're at one of the saner schools that will take it seriously. If not, threaten assault charges on Creepy Guy at least.

Don't read it, then. The world will continue to spin.

44 that was well put. and if it were me, I'd probably throat punch, but I understand that it can be a bit out of line. really though op needs to seek help with this one. and she needs to not put up with that one guy ever again. that's just the way that it all plays out. hands to yourself and people should be worth trusting, rather than encouraging rape behavior

also, shitty people lie on both ends of the sexual spectrum. it's not like it's one or the other. but not all women do the things they do in order to avoid danger. some do it for humor and that's shitty

Punching him in the throat would be assault right? If not then HENCE THE F'ED UP SOCIETY WE LIVE IN :D.

Murder is generally frowned upon but ok

Sometimes it's best to make a leap of courage and call it would of helped you to not get catfished.

aukaylaheath 16

Instead of giving you a different guys number, he could have just said no.

Sathane 21

Hmmm... Great advice. Maybe the bitches that have been pulling this same crap on guys can follow it.

What's with so many comments being moderated today?

ExtremeEncounter 32

Why did you feel the need to post this comment just seconds after you posted the #1 spot comment? (which got rightfully moderated, mind you)

84; Being an upvote hoe makes her doing it

ExtremeEncounter 32

104 Indeed, though her first comment post was sexist by all means.

joeyl2008 29

If someone is grabbing your ass and you don't want them to you should cut off their hands.

no such thing when you're being grabbed against your wishes. which, in many cases, is assult and and would be a legal and legit cause for self defense... and cutting off hands or cocks is defending one's self.

#22, that's what a grabass would say......

No kidding. of course someone who's doing it doesn't think it's wrong. but women are not flattered by it typically. we do not appreciate being treated like a piece of fruit to be bought. just saying. ass grabbers piss me off. all the men in my high school were afraid of me because of the few guys who tried it.

Sorry OP, but don't let that asshole ruin your courage with future crushes.

ExtremeEncounter 32

Well, why would the cute guy have that creep's number? Might they be friends? If so, the "cute boy" might not be worth it...

Well that one guy lost out on an awesome opportunity! Im sure you would be a great date! As for the creeper well you can either tell him to **** off or you can try and get a free dinner out of it

ApparentlyNotEno 28

Someone who is already addressing her sexually without her permission cannot be trusted on a date. That's a recipe for (at the very least) encouraging the behaviour, and (at worst), rape.

writergirl1029 17

What a jerk. He could have just said no.

What about when women give men fake numbers..?

Jesus Christ he gave her that number to humiliate her, ask any women why they give fake numbers and they'll tell you to get some creepy guy to leave her alone or to prevent rejection stalkers, or worst case physical assault. Don't even try to flip the tables here.

Mortoli 30

If he'd pull a dick move like that then you're better off without him being in your life. Sorry about the creep though, maybe report him for sexual harassment.

Mortoli 30

no maybe to it.. illegal actions should always be taken seriously. the op just needs to tell the teacher when he starts gettin touchy feely. there is no need for her to take that from anyone. the longer this continues the less likely anyone will believe their innocence... if op lets this stand he'll just let a teacher know he/she should always take action and if they dont. they could get fired i think. anyways if they dont take action, just tell the principle and your parents they will. if in college thats another story just take a taser with you if he does it again you'll have every right to zap that sob either in the hand or the chest either way should get the job done. though pepper spray works as well and if he continues call cops and get a restraining order. no need for all of these barbaric comments.