By Sovekipisse - 15/06/2013 22:24 - France - Arthon-en-retz

Today, I went to a bar for some drinks. A guy looked me up and down, gave me a suggestive smile, then asked for my name and number. I'd have been a little less creeped out if he hadn't been standing beside me at the urinal the whole time. FML
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Maybe he has a thing for uranal . . . um er I mean urinals.

thenamesbrooksy 9

Hey take it as a compliment.


thenamesbrooksy 9

Hey take it as a compliment.

Damian95 16

Blessed, and still a little creeped out. As I was reading, I can honestly say I did not expect OP to be a man. Or for this to happen period. So be proud of your looks OP! Even if they attract strange creepy men...

#30, Maybe OP just accidentally waltsed into a gay bar.

kaileylovesyew 4

Well at least you have a gladder bladder

Pwn17 25

Looks like urine a sticky situation.

if I read the urine/you're in pun ONE more time on FML...... It's definitely becoming the new "shitty situation"

He should have turned and peed on him lol

Yes he does that's a good oner his is to 22

And offer to shake his hand and thank him

drayloon 50

I guess he saw sumthin at the urinal he liked...

hurtandabused 7

Look him back the same way but frown n say sorry but hell no

Give ot to him. Tell him what he did later. could be funny later.

Maybe he has a thing for uranal . . . um er I mean urinals.

I almost thumbed this down...then it dawned on me.

I guess he liked what he saw... Take it as a compliment.

What type of bar was it? That's the major difference between a FYL and YDi

flashback.miss 28

Maybe it's my prudent nature but I wouldn't want to be hit on while I'm taking a piss, even if the person is good looking. Pee time = me time

Bobskittens1 12

You act like it happens on a daily basis..

He violated Men's Restroom Rules #1 AND #2! 1) No talking 2) No looking Has no one ever taught him etiquette??

If you read between the lines, you'd realize those rules don't apply in the bar he was in.

And probably #3, the one urinal space.

And, if possible, stay one urinal apart