By georgiana072 - Philippines
Today, as I was coming out of the ladies' room, I saw a guy glancing at me. A few minutes later, I saw him coming at me at a fast rate. I decided to run from him. As I got out of the building and into a cab, I saw him from the window waving my phone at me. He was just trying to return it. FML
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  Intoxicunt  |  5

He was waiting OUTSIDE the ladies' room with her phone, which she obviously left outside the bathroom. She ran off when he tried to approach her. Simple.

  Samael_fml  |  0

What is it with the ridiculous assumption by so many people on this website that any time a woman feels threatened by a man, it *obviously* has to be because she thinks she's hot?

By  shananigans  |  0

Meh, I don't think you deserve it, OP... If a strange man is running at you a lot of women would react in a panic, not stand there and think "Well he probably just really wants to say hi or is trying to return something that I dropped..."

  russianspy1234  |  11

most men are not rapists, and most of those that are rape people they already know, not random strangers, so yes, she deserves it for thinking he was going to attack her, especially since she was in a public place.

  sjks  |  0

i wouldnt say so... no most men are not rapists but when a stranger is charging towards you it's the first thing most women would think. in this day, we cannot be too careful, the world is a sick place and with what the news shows daily, generally consisting of women being abducted or murdered, i would have panicked too. If he said something like, miss, i have your phone, or waved the phone at her, thatd be one thing...but for a random man to approach a woman like that without at least attempting to state his intentions is inappropriate and she took the safe route.

  prc_  |  4

No that is paranoia.

Usually if somebody is trying to mug, abduct, rape someone the chosen method is not charging in public place, but hiding and ambushing.


  mnkyc_mnkydo  |  5

if she hailed a cab then she was in public place, why would he attack her in a public place, stop being so paranoid not every man wants to rape, kidnap, murder, mutilate or overall assault every woman.