By whoknows?! - 05/02/2010 21:18 - France

Today, I decided to change my boyfriend's background on his phone. As I was in the process of changing it, I noticed his most recent picture is of a naked girl. The naked girl happened to be my 18 year-old sister. FML
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send the picture from his phone to your parents :)

Haha I hope you dumped his ass :)


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It's a typo ;)

ouch, burn :)

This one time mu brother did that.

Reyo 2 I seriously the only one to ask this?...*sigh* fine. Why the fuck were you messing with your boyfriend's stuff?

^thats right! she's a nosy bitch and she should keep her hands on her own toys >:(

Pics or it didn't happen.

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Where the hell does it say "mu"?

@Cupffin: adorable icon! 

Your sister is a whore! Us guys have a saying..........Bros before Hos! I guess there's no honor among sisters!!

ydi for snooping your bfs phone.

shit calm down no one has golden fingers ppl type wrong sometimes its the internet not english class we know what they mean if you dont your just dumb or ignorant

he wins! seriously though. who doesn't have pics of your sister naked?

for the people saying ydi for snooping no you don't yes you shouldn't really be on his phone BUT he shouldn't have a picture of your sister, which is a lot worse than you being in his phone

this is on here like 47633 times already

How can she deserved this? she has the right to snoop on her BFs phone... if anyone has the right to snoop, it's his GF or Parents! FYL indeed.

OP, don't blame him, older sisters are usually really hot.

bullshit no one has the right to snoop it's none of her biz she deserves it

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sisters before misters

It souldn't matter that she was touching his phone. He shouldn't have anything to hide. That's not love. My boyfriend and I share everything. I let him look at my phone and we know each other's passwords. Trust is something every couple needs to be happy.

Oh, that's right. If she hadn't looked through his phone, the picture wouldn't be there! The naked picture of her sister only appeared because she was doing something "wrong," not because her boyfriend is a huge douchebag.

What 219 said. And even if it had been the other way round and say, he'd gotten a naked picture of her sister because she touched his phone, she STILL wouldn't deserve it. Also what 213 said. My fiancee has all my passwords, and I have all hers. I very very rarely use any of them, because I trust her, but if I did, that shouldn't be a problem, because we DO trust each other. The only reason someone could really have for being defensive about it is if they did have something to hide. Which, OP's boyfriend did.

it doesn't retard it was edited

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well some people like privacy true relationships should have trust but some people like to have some privacy

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#192 nobody has the right to snoop but she wasn't snooping so it doesn't matter

its her boyfriend thay are close she should at least be able to see his phone!

omg! did u kill her afterward?

can you post the pic of your sis on here?

a stalking girlfriend not exactly cool.

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i dont think its fucked up at all to pick up your significant others cell phone. whether you are using it to make a call, change a picture, look through pictures etc. i do it all the time (as does my boyfriend) without ever looking for anything bad. he's the asshole for doing it and thank god she did find out

hahahaha that's great, I wish I could meet ur boyfriend

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obvious troll is being obvious.......that's you 152!

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your a fucking asshole

*boyfriend's *incapable *in love, a woman

"unable of intelligent thought" Could you mean "incapable?" At least she's "able of" (to use your word choice) of appropriate phrasing.

I accidentally put in an extra "of." Sorry.

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wow.. you best be joking..

what a slut your sister is.

she has no choice but to kill her... tsk tsk

IGaveRickUp 15

Or a douchebag her boyfriend is, but no please- always blame the woman.

Haha I hope you dumped his ass :)

I know.. I hope u did OP

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that wasnt his background. it was just on his phone

he didn't set it as his wallpaper. his gf was trying to change his wp and saw the pic.


Let's try not being a bitch. I know it second nature to you but its unnecessary. ok

MermaidSongXOXO 6

That was uncalled for. What makes me a bitch? Maybe my comment wasn't very polite, but it's not like I insulted anyone. Hope I don't come off as bitchy, but I want to explain something: When you call someone else a bitch, you might want to think about your attitude. "Let's try not being a bitch. I know it second nature to you but its unnecessary. ok " You can have your opinion, but hypocrisy is intolerable.

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If you would have read the whole thing, your dumbass would know that it's a recent picture, not the current background. fail.

MermaidSongXOXO 6

#64 I did read the whole thing. I just misunderstood.

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I think #59 is replying to #8, since it's in the same form as her comment.

MermaidSongXOXO 6

replying like that to #8 wouldn't make sense, though.

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actually it would

Mermaid, I read it as #59 defending you from Kimbowee's bitchy response to your original comment.

MermaidSongXOXO 6

I don't see anybody called Kimbowee that replied to me. Nobody else replied to me in a bitchy way, either :/

it wasn't his background, she said she was going through his pics

MermaidSongXOXO 6

#59 In case your comment wasn't directed to me, I'm really sorry.

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wow you are a bitch

MermaidSongXOXO 6

I realized it wasn't towards me afterall. Sorry. I finally saw the Kimbowee comment. I apologize, #59. I feel really bad :(

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65 u look like carmen from George Lopez :P

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what a loser

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Sometimes you just mess around with people's stuff for fun. It happens all the time with my friends. It doesn't mean she's "nosy", because she probably didn't go in there looking for incriminating shit against him.

THANK YOU, 44!! I've been reading these comments and thinking, "How on earth is she being NOSY, or even intrusive?" If she was snooping, okay, yeah, makes sense. But do all of you seriously claim to have never played with someone else's phone, if for no other reason than it's different than yours and you're curious how it works? Jeez.

shalizzz 0

Yeah, I seriously claim never to have played with other people's stuff without their permission. And when it comes to people's personal stuff (like someone's phone, pda, planner etc) I NEVER put my hands on them. It doesn't matter if you are looking for something or you are just messing around. 9 out of 10 cases, the owner will be pissed if you don't keep your hands off of such items (though they may chose not to show it) Oh, and changing the settings on someone's phone IS intruding! The owner has those settings because they like it that way. NO one has the rigth to change them, unless said person has the owner's EXPLICIT permission.

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Wow are u kiddin' me? I feel sorry for whoever is in a relationship with u. It's one thing to go snooping but doing something as innocent as changing a background on your spouses phone is intruding are u serious? U are one uptight person and must have stuff to hide. If u don't have anything to hide from your significant other then it shouldn't matter. I wouldn't mind at all if my g/f changed my background, then again i have nothing to hide. A relationship is supposed to be open and honest and about sharing. If your shutoff enough to get offended about your phone then you must be shutoff in many other ways also.

shalizzz, I'm with you on this one.

shalizzz 0

#161, I love how you somehow think you can tell everything about my personality just by reading a couple of comments. No, I don't have anything to hide. I was just raised with a lot of common sense and a lot of respect for other people's privacy (unlike you, apparently) ! Personally, I don't feel the need to mess around with my boyfriend's stuff, and neither was he ever been interested in messing around with my things (mind you, we are living together and we both have easy acces to each other's personal items). And I wouldn't mind him changing my background, reading my texts, viewing the photos stored on my phone etc AS LONG AS HE ASKS PERMISSION BEFOREHAND. Otherwise, I'll be pissed. The notion of private property exists even after you become involved in a serious relationship. And being able to abstain from snooping around your SO's personal stuff is the true test of faith. If you trust someone, you can let them have their private things and you can live even without knowing every single damn detail about them.

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See that's where you are wrong. I've never snooped through anyone's phone, whether i have been in a relationship with them or not. At the same time tho any relationship I have ever been in I have never cared if the person i was with has looked through my phone, and especially not to change my wallpaper or whatever. My ex used to write things at the top all the time like 'I love you" or whatever, and take pictures of herself and set them as my wallpaper and not only did i not mind but i thought it was cute and made me feel special. Once again unless you have something to hide then it shouldn't matter if your bf/gf or whatever looks through your phone unless you have something to hide, simple as that. Now if someone is accusing you of being unfaithful and insists on going through your phone for evidence, that's a different story. But just to change a wallpaper or something, nothing wrong with it whatsoever in my book, in fact several girls i knew encouraged me too and were flattered by it.

shalizzz 0

The fact that you told your girlfriends they are allowed to change the settings on you phone....isn't that explicit permission? That's what I was talking about! If you have the person's permssion, then it's OK to look through their stuff. I believe it's useless to keep arguing. As far as I'm concerned, one can have privacy even when they are in a relationship. I'm a firm believer in the fact that every single person on Earth is entitled to withholding certain pieces of information from everyone else (including parents, best friends, boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse), for no other reason than the fact that it's just none of their business and that every single person on Earth has the right to have their private property in the exact state they want it to be . From what I understand, you believe that if someone likes to keep their private matters private, that means that person has something to hide. We'll just have to agree to disagree on that.

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My boyfriend and I always joke around like that and change stuff on each others phones, or take pictures or use each others phones if one of ours dies. There has never been an issue about "snooping" because we have a great relationship and never have to worry about the other one cheating or hiding something. All you who are paranoid about "snoops" are probably in shitty relationships where you bitch about your boyfriend/girlfriend behind their back and aren't completely open and comfortable with them. Sucks for you! The funny thing is, in my previous relationship, the guy was all paranoid about "snooping" and his phone (and always accused me of cheating when I did nothing wrong), and it turned out that he tried to cheat on me...with Craigslist. So stay FAR away from people who are paranoid about "snoops."

I hate comments that take up a 1/4 of the page.

Bdub and shaliz are both wrong, because there is no universal right or wrong in privacy issues like this. Various cultures have different expectations of privacy that are all mixed together in our society. That "9 out of 10" statement was absolute BS. Unless you grew up together or explicitly discussed personal boundaries you can't expect someone to share the same unspoken rules as you. Shaliz, don't say respect for "property" when you clearly mean privacy (or don't you let your BF change the channel on your tv without explicit permission?) OP and others clearly don't expect to stumble across any secret pics on the phone and therefore don't consider it an invasion of privacy. Unless the guy in question told OP that he highly values his privacy and doesn't want her touching his phone, pc, etc. you can't blame her for accidentally finding anything. Maybe before calling OP a "nosy bitch" you should ponder if saying it makes you a judgmental bitch with no respect for other people's ideals.

It shouldn't be considered nosy if they're together! My fiancee can go through my whole laptop if she wants, look at every file I have, every website I've been to, because I don't have anything to hide. If it was some random guy, fair enough. But what's the point of being in a couple with someone if you just treat everything they do as if some random guy did it?

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191 is probably the only one in this argument with a good point.

well I do that wit my bfs phone all the time it isn't being nosy.

mojo5678 5

It's so funny to watch people get so worked up over a simple comment. Damn people you seriously need to get over yourselves and relax a little. It's all in good fun and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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send the picture from his phone to your parents :)

Towelie_31 0

but she's 18... so she didn't do anything wrong (i don't mean morally). so unless the boyfriend is under 18 all she'd be doing is making an awkward family moment. I mean what could her dad do with naked pictures of his 18 year old daughter... thats fucked up...

EllyH 0

The point is to put them in trouble, and I think it's quite effective. I know I would send the picture, and it's not for anyone to enjoy (where did you get that idea?) ,ofcourse neither her father or(!) mother will like it. But hopefully they can teach their daughter to not pose naked. But what is your suggestion?

Towelie_31 0

how do you know her mom or dad won't enjoy it? your suggestion could be fufilling her dads dreams... which is also fucked up... you shouldn't promote inscest... not cool

Why punish the parents by creating a family rift? They didn't do anything wrong. The subject doesn't even need to be broached with them. Mom and dad have issues of their own. Your parents don't call you with their problems. The sisters and boyfriend need to solve this themselves.

EllyH 0

I still thinks it's a great way to pay back :) ( and I'm assuming that their parents aren't into their kids.. gross!!! Says alot about you who seems to only have that in mind? now, thats freaky... ) And the rule is simple, don't photograph yourself naked! It will end up on the internet, and yes.. your parents, their friends .. just about anyone can see them. Your boyfriend will get in trouble, just as your sister.. win/win! And the parents will have a new reality-check AND get over it :)

EllyH, that is pure hateful spite... keep up the good work kiddo!

I fail to see the FML in this scenerio, he's a guy, unmarried who finds other women attractive. Sounds pretty normal to me!

that's psychological. y the hell do people get so into arguing with strangers?

EllyH 0

CallMeHush ,and keeping nude pictures of your girlfriends sister is ? Respectful? I'm simply handing out good suggestions, treat people as they treat you.

I liked it!

EllyH 0

haha! aight, sorry!! I thought you were with "them" :)

scorpioserpent 1

I agree, send it to your parents! If they are anything like mine, they'd kill my sister for gaving nudes! Or at least be on her case about everything, take away stuff, keep her away from your ex...etc. :)

All I hear from this argument is that I'm jealous my boyfriend finds my sister attractive and he has nudes of her. Offer instead to pose nude for him. Problem solved and he now has nudes of you to enjoy rather then your sister!

EllyH 0

So you don't hear "My boyfriend is an ass to keep nude photos of my SISTER" ? But you heard, "oh poor boyfriend! He needs a nude picture of me instead of my sister! This I simply must do for him!" Wow, you're an idiot.

puppyXluvz123 9

the parents can't do anything about it. it's not chicks pornography cause she's 18 so all she can really do is dump him and not forgive her sis.

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Sun_Kissed18 25

That will sure make for an awkward conversation. If it were me, I'd leave a note on the phone telling him what an ass he was and set his background to the picture. Then go kill my sister for being a whore

EllyH 0

I think my suggestion ( #14 ) is still better :)