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Today, I learned that my new parakeet hates her reflection, and will screech loudly day and night unless I take the mirror out. My other parakeet loves the mirror and constantly cries out when I remove it. I can't win. FML
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It's probably better to have that mirror out of there OP. Birds can tend to bond with the "mirror bird" instead of you or your other birds. Meaning that they'll isolate themselves and won't be as social which is too bad because birds are great pets

  brinnablaine  |  22

Not really.A separated cage could allow them to spend time apart, yet still see and "talk" to each other through the partition. However, parakeets are pretty adaptive. Its easy enough to keep trying out new toys till you find one that makes them both happy. Turning on the radio helps too. Mine LOVE music.

  TheBrochure  |  22

This is a marvelous idea. Please allow me to add a few other plausible solutions, just so OP knows his or her scope of options. 1. Blind the insecure parakeet. 2. Spend your life savings on researching and developing a tiny personal mirror helmet, similar to those which avid bicyclists use, for the parakeet that likes the reflection. 3. Hire a vampire to bite the new parakeet, so that when she turns, she will have no reflection to screech about.

  tailyerd  |  17

Why not just have a vampire bite the new parakeet? Viola problem solved instead of spending your lifes savings and spending all that time on research.

  TheBrochure  |  22

#34 - I believe he is still chilling in high school somewhere on the Olympic Peninsula of Northwest Washington.

#44 - Did I mention that the cost to commission a vampire these days, once you factor in hidden fees, current inflation, and necessary insurance is about the same in cost as the average individual's life savings? Don't ask me how I know-it's not as though the voice of experience is speaking or anything... *sobs discreetly*

By  nightowl713  |  25

Maybe put the mirror inside some sort of open box with a landing limb so the one that likes it can go inside to see itself and the other doesn't have to see it? FYL INDEED.

  Somefruits  |  24

I would actually recommend removing the mirror since budgies can get attached to the budgie in the mirror and think it's another real bird when it isn't. It can cause a lot of problems so it's never a good idea to leave a bird alone with a mirror. Your bird will be upset for a while, not because he is vain but because he will think you've just taken away his mate. Since you have another bird in the cage with him, he will get over it a little faster. Try removing it when they're out of their cage so he won't notice as quickly.

I hope this helps. Poor little guy; it'll be tough for him, but hopefully he'll become friends with your other parakeet (are they budgies or another type of parakeet?). Good luck!