By s3xygrandpa - 06/11/2013 19:09 - United States - Palm Harbor

Today, despite my fear of using public restrooms, I was forced to anyway to avoid my bladder exploding. I was finally getting over it when someone stuck their head under the stall to "see if someone's in there". I'm scared more now than I was before. FML
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aligator121 15

Did it scare the shit out of you?

I don't blame you for being scared of using public restrooms! Try visiting random gas stations or public hockey rinks or football stadiums, especially ones with Mexican food stands.


I don't blame you for being scared of using public restrooms! Try visiting random gas stations or public hockey rinks or football stadiums, especially ones with Mexican food stands.

michaelaranda 28

how would that help ops fear?

JocelynKaulitz 28

Sometimes it can only get worse…

#1 Now why do we have to talk about the Latinos. You see, that's what's wrong with America.

AntiPrude 26

Yeah, leave the beaners alone. Its not their fault that burritos, tacos, fajitas and especially enchiladas make you dump like a cement mixer in a head on collision

Wasn't really intending for that to be advice, now that I look back I see how that is definitely what it looked like I meant. I was just trying to support the fact that I don't blame them for their fear because of the other kinds of restrooms I listed. I apologize for my weird wording on that. :P

michaelaranda 28

actually, I should apologize. I didn't notice the irony.

I'm more worried about OP user name.

Canadian apologies? Lol

aligator121 15

Did it scare the shit out of you?

ChaosBlitz 12

She must be tired of that shit.

Zimmington 21

#33- Your comment is something of an unpolished turd

AntiPrude 26

Just dont try to visualize all the other bottoms thst have messily used that toilet before you. That definitely wont help.

saraitkddh 47

Sorry OP, I hope that beaten out that pervert!

One would assume the perpetrators intentions were innocent, misguided, but innocent

_sempiternus 11

42- Agreed. I don't think the person meant to look under the door as some sort of sick satisfaction. More than likely another case of stupidity, in which common sense was not present...

42 - What's wrong with knocking?

I don't think " sexy grandpa" cares about per vs

whats wrong with people? If you want to know if someones there you knock and ask, you dont peek in...

Some people lack the common sense and would rather risk a peek in at the unsuspecting occupant.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

and if you knock and there's no response, you can normally just LOOK DOWN to see if there are feet.

Or just push the door; if it swings open you're golden, if it doesn't move logic says someone locked it from the inside. I don't understand why this person was so dumb...

Don't worry, this doesn't normally happeb

Rule #3: beware of bathrooms.

Ah, a Zombieland fan.

Who looks under the stalls to check if they're free?!

One time I reflexively kicked a little girl in the face for doing that shit. Her mom was like "THAT'S WHAT YOU FUCKING GET LAUREN!" Needless to say, that was possibly the most odd and awkward thing I've ever experienced. I felt really bad, but her mom was right. Bet she never did that again.

I'm sure Lauren kept her distance from bathroom stalls ever since

Plot twist: OP is named Lauren.

#38 depending on when it happened maybe the op is Lauren

It's okay, you're not the only one that fears public restrooms. Disturbing things happen there.

What the heck have you seen go on in a public washroom

At my old job in a DIY store, the customer toilets had notices on the doors saying anyone caught doing dodgy stuff will be banned etc. It's cool, I once found a used condom on a shelf on the shop floor, and a few aisles away was the wrapper.

Well some unhygienic women don't know how to dispose of their used feminine products. Some people don't understand the concept of flushing. Some don't realize that a public bathroom isn't really a nice place to fulfill their sexual desires. The list goes on.

Zimmington 21

In a Macy's bathroom I noticed some guy just staring at me through the space on the side of the door. I said something like "The fuck are you doing" then he just ran out.

At my old job someone had shit on the seat. Other time there was foot prints because people take "squatting" to a whole new level.... oh and at another job someone shit in the hallway at a bingo hall and then found the remaining in the ladies room. Fun times. After all that I will always put toilet paper down first.

It sure sounds like some people's common sense disappear in a public restroom.

People just don't care when they know that they don't have to clean up their own mess. It's ridiculous. Not to mention, disgusting.

flashback.miss 28

should've pissed on their face, claiming they startled you that much.