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  zach055  |  23

I'm sick and tired of all the girls complaining that they don't have boyfriends and all the boys complaining that they don't have girlfriends. There are slot of single people in the world, so just get together. (I'm a single guy so all the girls who say they don't have boyfriends could be going out with me right now!)

By  Jaywin  |  3

I agree with #1. Why do you value a child's opinion so much?

Also, being single when you're 20 isn't pathetic at all you should be out having fun and not tied down.

By  deaditegirl  |  0

Alternatively, you could have said you don't have one and explained to the kid that you don't have to have a significant other to be happy if she asked why. Way to help enforce society's beliefs that anyone who isn't in a relationship isn't a complete or happy person.

And how are you so insecure that you care what a 3-year-old thinks?

By  ItecKid  |  0

Your life is fucked, but not because you lied to a three year old. (Well, yeah, it is, but read on.)

Your life is MORE fucked because you think there is something wrong with being 20 and single.

By  chroniclurker  |  0

Being 20 and single is absolutely fine (I'm 19 and single and loving every minute of it). You're just starting off in life; a boyfriend would probably only slow you down as you pursue your dreams, especially if you're in college. Remember--you'll be all the more attractive when you start looking to date in earnest if you took the time out to establish your public life and career.