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Today, I'm 19 years old and, having never been on a date, I agreed to let my friend set me up. He was adorable, young, with blond hair and blue eyes...and 4 years old. My friend tricked me into babysitting. FML
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arkumx 3

if you get paid would that be prostitution?

flybye 0

At least he didn't try to pressure you into anything but playing with legos. Maybe on the next date you can take it to the next level: watching cartoons together!


arkumx 3

if you get paid would that be prostitution?

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mintcar 9


and if you dont get paid, she would be a pedophile!

tacobird123 7

No 45, no :....

mintcar 9


manMadeFAIL 7

haha the jokes on u

sarahskura 0

patheic all I gotta say

Zombies_Rule 0

what makes it even worse is that the fact that she lives in Arkansas, and I know her. HA! it's all to funny Nicole! fyl

angela3222 0

she lives in Alaska you idiot.

IHeartJimi02 0

It says Arkansas

Bubblerider 3

27 I KNOW you are lying! 58 stfu and read slower!

that is such a good idea wow !

darkaqua3498 3

hahaha nice one. I should try doing that with my friend. :P

UpsidedownKayak 9

Is this one of the the same friends that took you out for your birthday and then made you pay for it?

Unlucky. Try

Did you score? :P

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What I want to know is why a 19 year old is going on blind dates...

#10 Why WOULDN'T a 19 year old go on blind dates? I know people who have gotten married at that age.

mintcar 9

WTF? Why can't a 19 year old go on a blind date?

percawesome 0

oh LOL okay I guess it's more common than I thought. I'd always heard blind dates associated with desperation or something. I don't know, never been on one. My bad.

The kid was probably nicer than most of the guys out there in the dating pool. Certainly nicer than your 'friend'.

zivlaks 0

The OP could easily be a homosexual man who got tricked into babysitting a young boy. The question is, is he catholic?

Haha! Right, because all Catholics are gay, and all gays are pedophiles. Good one, dipshit. Your lame attempt at humor failed worse than Ishtar and managed to insult a quarter of the world's population. Nicely done.

A quarter of the world are pedophiles?? I did not no that.Haha

14# just got owned

They are catholic dipshit

zivlaks 0

i just asked if they are catholic because i know a catholic in touch with God would find strength within their heart to forgive their friend and could easily have a great evening enjoying the comapany of an adorable 4yo. i dont see a reason for assuming he is a pedophile- i stated that the OP might be male merely because no one mentioned that possibility...

Zivlaks, you said OP could be gay, and then you asked if he's Catholic. There is nothing else you could have meant, so trying your feeble little "strength in god" defence is transparent and pathetic. So shut the hell up and stop trying to justify your stupid comment. You're just digging yourself deeper into the shit pile.

Just because he made a Catholic joke doesn't mean he literally meant that all Catholics are pedophiles. The prudence of his joke aside, your counterargument against that joke is rather weak.

Monkey, he didn't make a Catholic joke. Fortunately the comment is moderated now, so I won't repeat what the mods have already deemed offensive. I was not making any counter argument; rather, I just stated my displeasure in colorful language. So fuck you for trying to sound smart.

Yeah he did. You even said above "your lame attempt at humor". A failed attempt at humor is still a joke, regardless of the quality of the joke. Maybe you're the one who should stop trying to sound smart. Not that it really matters since his comment was moderated.

Doc just got owned. The best part is the fact that Monkey owned Doc without the use of insults or profanity, something Doc childishly attempted. Monkey, Respect.

Penda, first of all I applauded monkey for not using insults and profanity against doc. I personally don't care about the joke, neither did I say anything about it. Secondly, I find it ironic that you insult my ability to grasp language yet you avoid my central idea and bring up something unrelated to what I said. You also redundantly mock my ability to grasp language by stating that I "fail" at it then saying the exact same thing at the end. Please, if you don't have a valid response to my comments, keep them to yourself. Also, restating your weak and irrelevant point does not make it any stronger.

Oh, I'm very sorry I didn't realize you weren't speaking to me, please ignore by second point. It was rather mean as well, my apologies.