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Today, my boyfriend, who hasn't shaved in a month, went to go shave. I was pretty excited since his beard was starting to make my face itch whenever we kissed. When he came out of the bathroom he had a handlebar mustache. FML
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haha that's so funny! That sounds like something my fiancée would do!! lol


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Agreed. But I'd prefer a beard... what's wrong with you, OP? Beards are amazing!

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That's awesome to high school girls who think moustaches are hot because they want to get with older guys...too bad the older guys that would date high schoolers are 25 year old dropouts who work at Burger King

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I'm almost 25 and work at Burger King, although I prefer to date elementary school children...

ok honestly? beards r kinda gross...

Beards aren't gross if kept at a proper length and are properly taken care of.

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@ 81- I almost choked on a pretzel. that's hilarious!

I keep mine short and finely styled. But this man did it so you really can ride him like a bike and still feel in control. Peace out x

thts not an fml Justin biebers a ****** queer

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Isn't that normal there in Texas?

I agree! handlebar is the awesomeness!!!

THAT'S SO FREAKIN AMAZING!!!! :D totally not FML material!

YDI because you didn't think it was awesome and/or hilarious. It was.

does anyone else think that men with moustaches can't be trusted? cause I've lived by that rule and it's pretty legit...I'm just sayin.

143 I will ******* slit your god-damned throat

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haha that's so funny! That sounds like something my fiancée would do!! lol

I sure hope you meant "fiancé," or that's really gross!!

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FYI #2. fianceé is female. fiancé is male lol

so what if she actually ment fiancèe? freakin homofobes

It's not an issue of homophobia... if #2 meant "fiancée", as in the female version, that would imply a woman with a handlebar mustache. EDIT: pendatic beat me to the punch, as usual. Heh.

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uhh #53 I wasn't being homophobic. I was getting at the fact that if her "fiancée" had a beard it would be gross as fiancée is female. think before u post fool

The scariest part is that the "fiancée" would have to had grown it in a month. 0_0

Hey everyone, sorry, I did mean to put Fiancé but my phone auto corrects everything and put two e's for some reason. Sorry about that.

...congratulations on third. @OP, it was probably just a joke. Ask him to shave the rest off XD

Grow a beard so his face starts to itch and then negotiate with him; if he shaves his moustache off you'll shave ur beard.

27 did u mean pubic? cuz if not i dont understand what you said

I think "public" probably makes more sense than "pubic" 29....

I think "pubic" makes more sense than "public" here. *waits for huge debate*

My interpretation: #7 was talking about the OP, a female, growing a beard to spite him. So #27 questioned the idea of said female having a beard in public. Rage on, debate!

My interpretation: #27 meant to say pubic, accidentally placed an "l" to make the word "public", and now we're stuck on a pointless debate that will probably end with me sleeping with someone's sister, brother, pet goat, or all three at the same time. So let's just skip all the pointless chatter and get to the conclusion already, okay?

I'm with 51. Run away before Twinkle types up a huge essay response!

lol, yes #50 ur interpretation of my comment was correct. lol this is cool, my 1st fml comment and a debate has begun :)

Congrats, Rangant. Many people may die on the Internet because of your words of wisdom and advice.

well you COULD also not shave your pubes haha thall deff get him to shave. I was gunna do that with my ex when he was considering getting cornrows.

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cornrows on a puss? I'd love to see that

@pendatic. it's funny how you have conversations on every fml with certain people. reading ur comments are the best lmao (:

What about not shaving your legs and/or underarms? That might work too.

OK public and pubic, both, would b an issue.

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i think he was taking your safety in consideration so that way you dont fall off next time your riding his face. seems like a pretty cool guy to me!

I grew a beard about a month ago and have been threatening my girlfriend with muttonchops ever since.

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27th president William H. Taft would be proud.

don't shave your kitty so HE will itch. lmaoo