By verycre8tive - 21/05/2009 07:31 - Romania

Today, after a few drinks my dad decided to tell me the story of how I was born. He wanted a baby girl after my brother, and mum didn't want any more children. So he tricked her by giving her the wrong pill. That should explain a lot. FML
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Well, it shows how much he loves you, yeah?

Your dad wanted you Thats the brightside


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Well, it shows how much he loves you, yeah?

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA fail. At least one of the parents wanted you

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Wow. Your parents have issues.

Are you a girl? If not, FYL twice ;)

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it says on the top right of the fml

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Today, after a few drinks, my husband told me that he switched my pills. I guess that explains why my daughter's here. FML

She should've left him for that. Then he could have visitations with his 'girl', IF he was lucky. She knows it's not your fault. I feel bad for you. FYL and most definitely FY mom's L.

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I agree. The husband put the wife in the pain of childbirth when she did not want another baby! What an asshole.

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That sounds a lot like rape to me.

oh yeah, because the trauma of getting violently pushed down, have someone forcibly and painfully enter you, rape you, and then probably beat/kill you, is *totally* like having someone switch your pills and having a baby you didn't really want. exactly the same ******* thing.

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agreed with 84, they're nothing alike

84--not all rapes are like that. But yes, this situation is definitely NOT rape. I assume OP's father had consensual sex with her mother.

whilst I agree that its not rape and not really on the same level, as someone who doesn't want kids, it would still be awful to have to carry around a foetus for the next nine months whilst your body changed because of it and then you have to go through the painful process of labour (not to mention raising it and supporting it although since Op was kept I assume she was loved by this stage). Either way it's a violation of someone's body and an awful thing to do to them - some husband she has that would do that to her.