By Nolimit2217 - United States
Today, my wife started a 24 hour urine collection as directed by the doctor for her pregnancy. She has to collect the urine in a gallon jug, and refrigerate it. At lunch time, I went to go get the rest of my sandwich but was unable to find it, until she suggested I "look under the piss jug." FML
Nolimit2217 tells us more :
I thought it was funny. I understand the seriousness of pre-eclampsia since it happened with our first child too. Don't get on a high horse with me. I support my wife through and through, just had a funny moment I wanted to share.
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  desoxyn242  |  14

"...then I went for the lemonade, man was I parched from my workout. Without smelling it or even pouring it into a glass I chugged it all down."