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  chicken_lover  |  2

the kid was most likely just trying to get rid of her though.

depending on his age he either may not feel he needs a babysitter, wants his parents, or just hates her.

op, don't listen to him. and even if you are unattractive, you can get a boyfriend. there's this really ugly awful bitch who went to my high school and i hate her, not because she's ugly or anything but because she's really really mean, and she has a boyfriend who loves her. if she can get a boyfriend, you for sure can. haha. just be nice. and don't forget to shower because that would be gross. hahaha

  adartse  |  0

Also you listen to kids, are you 12 or something? unless the kid is banging a different girl every week and smoking a cigar, I'm guessing his opinion doesn't matter much. Now that I read my comment and the FML, I want to hang out with this kid, he seems pretty awesome, and he made you cry, which is always entertaining

  CyclonePsycho  |  1

I thought I was the only one. I could hardly focus on the fml because I was too busy wondering what was the point of even using the word 'proceeded' here. It's so out of place, and I thought the trend was long dead by now. ;_;

By  vetter_fml  |  0

If nothing else, craigslist ads show that there's someone for everyone. Don't worry about a little kid's opinion. Just focus on finding someone if that's what you want to do. And never let a child you're sitting see you cry. Lose all authority that way.

By  containsnosoy  |  0

Has anyone noticed how many girls get told why they are single by the kids that they are babysitting (and then feel the need to post it as an FML)? OP, are you telling this boy your relationship problems? At least kids are honest, because you know what? You could go years without knowing the real reason and no one would be willing to tell you. Stop whining and gain some self-respect. No one wants to date someone with such low self esteem anyways.