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Today, I went to an elementary school for volunteer work. I was asked to read to a group of kids during one of the classes. Before I started reading, a girl raised her hand and asked me if I had a boyfriend and if I was single. I asked her why and she said "My daddy wanted to know." I'm 16. FML
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her dad could of had her when he was 13 prob not though

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her daddy is a pedo? jk lol little kid wants to get her dad a date!

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get some! nothing like a forbidden affair. haha jkjk

oh nvm daddy IS a pedo cuz he wanted to know xD

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How is this an FML? You're attractive... At least, you're better than that one chick who was called a hippo by her sis;D

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Who said the dad thought the girl was 25? He might as well have a turn on on teenage girls FYL OP, especially because he is a dad and that's the time when he should grow up and set a good example for his daughter

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I hate it when older guys hit on younger girls..

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Ern.. there was a comment that said "pedobear" and that's what i was agreeing to. XD

Does anyone think that maybe just maybe that the girl told him a volunteer was coming to the school, and he didn't know it would be a 16 year old? Come on, how would he know... Unless the little girl knew and told him, he wouldn't know her age.

Unless you've had any other offers, get with the Dad

pedobear live in build-a-bearville (where little kids have an online "avatar") my lil sis goes on that site a lot...

Well, did you consider it. If he's hot, you should totally go for it. Elementary, that means the dad is in 30s. Not bad. Secret relationships with older man are hot!

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no one has ever replied to any of my 147 comments/:

54- I wish I could have a pedobear build-a-bear :(

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why is he a pedo all of sudden? it doesn't say the dad knew op's age. sometimes they look all grown

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Well maybe the dad figured if she was at the kids school she should be out of school. I mean most sixteen year olds I know aren't at elementary schools during school hours. And college students wanting to be teachers work with elementary school kids all the time. Which, in the kids dads mind, would put her in that 21-23 age group. And not all parents wait to have kids. maybe he's like 25. Which would make his logic perfectly reasonable and not pedobear-ish.

YDI for going to an elementary school for volunteer work. You were asked to read to a group of kids during one of the classes. Before you started reading, a girl raised her had and asked you if you had a boyfriend and if you were single. You asked her why and she said "My daddy wanted to know." You're 16.

It is creepy but not an FML. just take the compliment! I guess I can't understand how girls think about a lot of things. If a hot mom in her 30s wanted to know about me when I was 16, I would have thought that was the coolest. Even if he's just a creepy old dad, maybe you look mature for your age or are just really hot despite being young. It could only be a good thing.

Skroal? I am wondering if you have any friends at all? I really doubt it. I know I know your answer will be that you do not understand the language I am talking in or something lame like that. You would get better results if you ever decided to act like a mature person. I doubt you even know how to be mature. I guess I won't worry about you too much because you will get board soon and go away.

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this would be a better fml for the daughter, if any fml

That's kinda creepy, buuuuuut, an older guy wanting a teenaged or younger girl isn't new, it's been happening since the dawn of man... I myself prefer women my own age, anyways it's just a thought.

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97 - I don't know who you are, don't take my wallet.

Skroal, See I knew it. A lame response that made no sense. You are so predictable. I can't wait to see your reply to the next set of stories. Skroal is an epic fail.

16 is too old.. I'd go for the daughter!! :)

jplumbob, stop trying to take his wallet

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wow school starts back this early in Marlyand? or was it summer school?

well... a man gotta do what a man gotta do...

40 I hate older women who hit in younger guys :P happens to me all the time :(

skroal's YDIs annoy me, but I quite enjoy his responses to jplum. :} I secretly hope they're the same person.

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it's not weird for a dad to find a teen girl attractive. I also doubt he knew her age since girls look so much older than they really are nowadays. plus...I see older guys telling 14 year old girls they're "hot" on here all the time.

idk u guys but I lol @ skroals YDI's :/

haha I hate it when older girls hit on younger guys

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skroal is a wannabe legonut. LOL

That's not just a "so?" ..that's extremely creepy or a big misunderstanding. And to this fml, I'm sorry

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16 is age of consent in iowa im 28 whats your number

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agreed with 87. (: thankkyuu!

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Pedo ftw =P YDI for attracting old men daddys.

You could just be gay... It's better... In every way! And don't have to worry about scum bag guys:-)

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No they're not, #132's comment was a joke from a YouTube vid

he still broke the combo, bc we weren't saying anything having to do w/ YouTube. :P

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her daddy jusr mite pass as a predator

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I'm pretty sure it would be "an FML." When you pronounce it, the first syllable is "eff," so it starts with a vowel sound.

It sounds weird to say "a" if you're saying "eff em ell." I think it's because even though F is a consonant, the pronunciation of the letter F starts with the e sound. "An" is used before words that start with a vowel and "a" for words that start with a consonant. At least, that's what I figure. xD OP: On the bright side, at least he thinks you're attractive! Edit: I posted this before I saw that #70 had posted, not trying to be repetetive.

you are all wrong... when it sones to saying the WHOLE title, you say "A **** my life" not "AN **** my life"

They're not saying the whole title, just FML. I think the correct way is "an FML."

This is such a pointless argument but, if you were saying "a **** my life" then it would definitely be "a"... however they are saying "an FML," and they're saying the letters, not the words they stand for... therefore it would be "an." I'm not gonna bet my life I'm right, but it makes a lot of sense doesn't it? :o

Yeah I definatly agree with Brittney.

"An FML" is correct. From the Lynch Guide to Grammar and Style: A/AN Use an in place of a when it precedes a vowel sound, not just a vowel. That means it's "an honor" (the h is silent), but "a UFO" (because it's pronounced yoo eff oh). Most of the confusion with a or an arises from acronyms and other abbreviations: some people think it's wrong to use an in front of an abbreviation like "MRI" because "an" can only go before vowels. Not so: the sound, not the letter, is what matters. Because you pronounce it "em ar eye," it's "an MRI." One tricky case comes up from time to time: is it "a historic occasion" or "an historic occasion"? Some speakers favor the latter — more British than American speakers, but you'll find them in both places — using an on longish words (three or more syllables) beginning with h, where the first syllable isn't accented. They'd say, for instance, "a hístory textbook" (accent on the first syllable) but "an históric event." (Likewise "a hábit" but "an habítual offender," "a hýpothetical question" but "an hypóthesis.") Still, most guides prefer a before any h that's sounded: "a historic occasion," "a hysterical joke," "a habitual offender" — but "an honor" and "an hour" because those h's aren't sounded.