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  asmah  |  0

lol whts scary is the jason costume my sister wore nd scared me while I ws cleaning the I have many pieces of Brocken glass in my foot thnx sis great joke

  robc32ca  |  4

you would have done the same thing because you're a cute little puppy with a bow on your head...yes you are! whose a cute little puppy.. you are!!!

  aliaskis  |  3

The chainsaw guys in those haunted mazes always scared me so much. Logically, I knew they couldn't really hurt me. Still, I ran screaming every time.

  jakeisawake  |  3

For real. Imagine being asked that question while hanging upside down above sulphuric acid. If you told him no, and you just wanted to go home, he is more than likely to be all, "Fuck you too then." And just drown your ass in the acid.

  btnhdude  |  0

why thank you, I'm so changed by your comment
it's so very important of what you think of my triple posting
- love,

By  mike3775  |  32

I have been startled when waking up, but never enough to make me piss myself though.

Sounds like you have a playful cousin, so concoct a scheme to get him back