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Want to play a game?

I always thought his name was "Jigsaw". Learned something new.


wow, you little baby, go crawl in a corner and cry.

lol the puppet made you wet :P


fail man fail sir fail life fail

^^ I don't think you transferred the 5 dollars to my fml account yet.

That's strange o find the mask a turn on

lol whts scary is the jason costume my sister wore nd scared me while I ws cleaning the I have many pieces of Brocken glass in my foot thnx sis great joke

Instantly wet yourself? So... like your bladder or your sphincter exploded?

60, your comment makes my eyes bleed.

did he want to play a game?

Agreed #77. I don't mind the shortening of words, but broken being spelt as brocken is just unacceptable *shakes head*.

hey u would of done the same thing so shut up

In soviet Russia, puppet moves you.

This is funny I would hbe been scared to op and done the samething

that'd be amazing not an fml!

you would have done the same thing because you're a cute little puppy with a bow on your head...yes you are! whose a cute little puppy.. you are!!!

#102 fucking lol, this FML is making the favourites cause of your comment, keep it up xD

be thankful your still in diapers. happy thanksgiving!

Can you say pussy. Haha

No, can you say WET pussy?

sniff snif... I knew I smelled pussy !!!

Make sure you get the chain saw and scare the shit outta him. That'll teach him.

u wanna be Justin bieber so bad....

The chainsaw guys in those haunted mazes always scared me so much. Logically, I knew they couldn't really hurt me. Still, I ran screaming every time.

Ha. That's funny. I'm sorry, OP.

Want to play a game?

For real. Imagine being asked that question while hanging upside down above sulphuric acid. If you told him no, and you just wanted to go home, he is more than likely to be all, "Fuck you too then." And just drown your ass in the acid.

He never said ''Want to play a game?'', he said ''I want to play a game''.

I woulda beat the shit outta him

if that happened I would laughed cuz someone would be getting their ass kicked by a girl who just wet herself

have* I Just grammar nazi'd myself oh the irony

ah dammit I didn't even write anything wrong In there but my punctuation, I only forgot to write "have" in there uuurghhh


why thank you, I'm so changed by your comment it's so very important of what you think of my triple posting - love, btnhdude AAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

OP is male, dude. ^

I have been startled when waking up, but never enough to make me piss myself though. Sounds like you have a playful cousin, so concoct a scheme to get him back

#16 Wtf is wrong with you?!?!?!? Also, I would get up and beat him up sooooooobad

ZOMG! your profile picture scared me...sowwy! 0_o

is that a human I'n ur picture ??

94, You're not that far from "Scary" either ha ha