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Today, thanks to a new form of birth control, I've now been having my period non-stop for six weeks. FML
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Go with the flow (haha, get it?) But no, that is seriously awful.


Hey, menstrual jokes aren't funny. Period.

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At least you definitely know you're not pregnant.

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I feel like its doing the opposite of what's supposed to happen

Get off my comment you jackers! (except for 3. You were fine)

I feel sorry for your partner OP, six weeks of no sex and lots of mood swings to deal with... F his Life!

#32 Yes, because she is clearly having the time of her life. Her partner should just be upset because she can't put out for him. Thanks for proving the stereotype that all men care about is sex.

You should stop using it. Or see your dr.

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Your a pussy get your red wings!!

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32 - I see your point. I mean, I take it that OP is single otherwise her partner would have posted this. 54 - you were kinda right about the not-putting-out part.

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Well either way it's doing it job right?

Bleeding for 6 weeks straight like wtf? How are you still alive?!?!

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... do you know anything whatsoever about menstual cycles??

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19- you do realize you just ****** your own comment?

I had that happen once. A whole month and a half of being pissed off!!! My friends lovedddddd me :D switch BC.

I mean technically it worked you cant have sex If your on your period :P sorry but true

Someone must have such an urge to touch theirself unless she did. It would be very messy.

@313 Please tell me your joking about not being able to have sex on a period.

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Try a different form of birth control, then.

That might not be an option as of yet. The same thing happened to me when I started Depoprevara (sp?). A form of injected birth control. It lasts 3 months & until that's up, you're stuck. FYL, OP... I have felt your pain!

I wouldn't necessarily try another form because it might worsen her bleeding along with other period related symptoms. It also can leave her unprotected if she engages in sexual activity; ops best bet is just to suck it up and wait it out, because sadly it can get a lot worse.

I love your description and the capitals are bad

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who doesnt hate cindy crosby? great 8

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Id see a doctor and make sure its one of the side effects. They might make u stop it right there and then if its not a side effect.

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Number 2 you're very pretty :) OP, just stop using it. Perhaps a different form of birth control?

Easier said then done. Some girls are just too lazy.

That is birth control! No sex on your period!

22- that really sucks :( I'm on depo and I love it. No periods, no getting pregnant, and I only have to remember to get one shot every three months. It's great :)

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To number 74: some people want to have sex before marriage and want to not get pregnant at the same time. So to your whole " like abstinence" comment, please take it somewhere else. Not all people share your beliefs, I'm not saying yours are bad.

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Glitter reminds me of my best friend Holly, who's from Wales

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220: ur telling him to take is abstinent opinion somewhere else and yet u say that its not a bad belief. Everyone has a different mind different opinion and different belief so why try to shut people up for expressing it? I see nothing wrong with abstinence or chastity, whatever makes someone happy that's their choice. As long as they are not trying to shove it down my throat its fine.

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But it's working 100%; nobody's gunna have sex with someone on their period, thus no possibility of having a child.

Or think of alternatives, like condoms or screaming rape before he impregnates (polite word form) you.

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46- Actually people can definitely have sex when they're on their period. "It's fine to swim in the red sea, just don't drink the water."

She might be drug testing, you never know. They gotta test on SOMEBODY.... We all hate side effects, especially crap like this. The first time I got my period I had it 2 weeks and it FREAKED ME OUT. FYL

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who doesnt hate cindy crosby? 8

It takes a man to swim the red river, but it takes a hero to drink from it!

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54- Well that's just gross, period.

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That's not always doable... I had implanon which is implanted in my arm and it had to be in for so long before I got it removed (I think my time period was 4 months)

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Same thing happened to me. Depo shot right?

Go with the flow (haha, get it?) But no, that is seriously awful.

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Judge, You must think you have a huge e-dick for getting the most thumbs up on the first comment. Quit bitching

Judge he doesnt need to. It was a solid joke and 102 actually i saw a comment with 1700 plus likes on it. The fml where the boyfriend stuck his iphone up his girlfriends ****** and someone commeted "theres no app for that"

I'm pretty sure he was implying the likes for only this comment

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I bet she got the shot.. That happened to everyone I know that had it..

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Well on the bright side, it's working

Lol my sister had hers for 3 months once.

Wha-what kind of sick hell is this!? I freak out when mine lasts for more than a week! But a MONTH!?!? OH GOD

Also, at least she knows shes not getting pregnant since she's constantly on her period.

106) When we go into heat, we bleed. Just like female dogs.

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Oh my god! Buhahahahahaha! Chipmunk you crack me up!

So ... instead of being pregnant, you just get to feel like you are for a month. ****.

I know that feel. It's why I ended up getting pregnant to my fiancé since all birth control has this effect on me. Perhaps OP is the same?

You, die of blood loss! You die of blood loss. You'd die of blood loss. Sentence structure changes the meaning, and right now yours is not saying what you meant.

You can die of blood loss because of this issue. I almost causes your iron to dip like crazy which drops your hemoglobin, which can cause major heart failure if it gets really bad. It would be smart for the OP to get her blood tested to make sure this doesn't happen, if it is she will end up getting a blood transfusion. The person's point was very valid, it was just said a bit wrong.

Sex Ed 101 The age at which a female receives her first period varies greatly for many different reasons. A "period" is what happens to a female every month until she reaches menopause. The first stage is ovulation. Where a women release's an egg from her ovaries which then travels down the fallopian tube and comes to rest in her uterus. The egg waits for sperm to come into contact with it to invoke fertilization. If no fertilization occurs ( whether the individual is not sexually active, or a form of contraceptive is used. I.E birthcontrol, condoms, diaphrams,etc.) than the body has to dispose of the egg. This is where the lining of the uterus begins to shed, thereby refreshing itself for the next cycle. That is why women bleed on their "periods". It is the lining and old blood that was to be used to help support the growth of a fetus being disposed of. Generally "periods" can last anywhere from 3 to 7 days. However some women's cycles are shorter or longer depending on their bodies. When a females "period" first begins, it may take a while for her cycle to become normal and regulatory. She may have a "period" one month that lasts 2 days, and the next month 5. Also she may start with light spotting to light bleeding at first, and progress into heavier bleeding cycles. Women going through menopause ( which is when she is running low on good healthy eggs left in her ovaries, and her chance of concieving and delivering a healthy baby becomes slim) Also have these issues. They may skip periods, or have abnormally long or short periods, or times of spotting and nothing further. PMS ( premenstral syndrome) which accompanies many women's "periods" come every month, often beginning a few days before the actual bleeding and continuing until the end of bleeding for some. Some women's PMS is mild, others extreme. With PMS you get, cramps, irritability, hormone surges ( this is why men say women are crazy at this time, because we become much more emotional due to the spike in hormones) sensitivity (many women's body become very sensitive to the lightest touch, especially the breasts and nipples) and Bloating. Not all women experience these symptoms, but many do. As for women going through menopause, the most common symptoms are basically the same, with some different ones. Different ones such as night sweats ( where the woman sweats excessively during the night while in bed. sometimes making her & the bedding soaking wet) and Hot flashes( This is where there is a spike in the womans body temperature very suddenly. She becomes very hot and flustered. She will feel hot to the touch as if she has a fever. She becomes very uncomfortable and tries to cool herself down by either stepping outside or removing articles of clothing. These generally last only a few minutes, then pass). Many things can effect a woman's period, and possibly prevent it from coming or making it come late. Pregnancy, stress, weight loss/gain, diet, birthcontrol, certains diseases and disorders. Endometrosis (don't know if that is spelled correctly, sorry) is a disorder/condition where a woman developes cysts on her ovaries. Many women have this condition, yet in most cases it is very mild. However there are some cases that are so severe that the woman cannot have a period, and the cysts become very engorged and painful, and may result in hospitilization. Some women with such severe cases often have to have thier ovaries removed, which is in the best interest of the woman. So to wrap it up ( sorry if I bored you with indepth info), Women start their periods at different times and go through menopause at different times. A period is when a women produces an egg ( which will happen from the first period until she reaches menopause :: women have a set number of eggs when they are born, once they run out of good, healthy ones, its all over, no more babies) and then if no fertilization occurs her body disposes of it and everything that would help support the fetus, therefore resulting in bleeding from the ******. Hope that helps you. Good day.

Endometriosis has nothing to do with the ovaries. Endometriosis is when the endometrium grows on the outside of the uterus instead of the inside. Also, the cysts you are talking about is from PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) and birth control can trigger the abnormal bleeding with the disease.

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87- Just to correct you the egg does not descend to the uterus unless it is fertilized in the fallopian tubes first. Which is why some women may experience a tubal pregnancy as the fertilized eggs gets stuck there.

87's comment was so massive I couldn't even thumb it down on my phone.

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My mom had her period for so long, bleeding so much, that she had to have a blood transfusion and a hysterectomy. It's been three years and she still has to stay on an iron supplement or risk becoming anemic.

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I want to say great job on that post! I only have one comment. The fertilization does not happen in the uterus. The sperm actually go up into the Fallopian tube where the egg rests for awhile before moving down into the uterus. After the egg is fertilized it moves down and implants in the wall.

You can tell that 10 is a guy. If boys had periods, they wouldn't be able to handle it.

Well, if you're the type of girl who doesn't have sex on her period, then i'd say it's working. no chance of getting knocked up now.

Technically she still can on her period. That's a common misleading myth

I don't see anything there that say "can't"... Obviously you CAN have sex on your period, but many people DON'T (which is what the above comment actually said) because it's messy and gross. And some guys are afraid of it or something... =

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Some guys find it gross, but i've met some (not slept with) that don't mind it. And actually having sex on your period can help sooth cramps, so it's actually beneficial to some women if they have very strong and painful cramping.

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I think 133 meant she can still get pregnant while she is on her period.

You should stop taking it and probably talk to a doctor.

If it's an IUD or implanon this is both not an option and also not an atypical bodily response. I can't speak from personal experience about implanon but with my IUD I bled off and on for a few months, I was lucky it wasn't heavier. I've heard worse cases though where heavy 'period' like bleeding can actually last for six months. If this is the case OP would have been warned with both methods that she may get; irregular bleeding in the first six months, and potentially never get another period after those few months. Everybody's body reacts differently to different medications and obviously OP thought it was worthwhile to stick with her birth control for three months if it was indeed an oral contraceptive (which can also give you irregular periods to begin with).

Sorry, didn't mean to say that you can't 'stop using' implanon and the IUD, just that it's not quite as simple as not taking a pill. Implanon at least you require a buffer zone before it can be removed after it is inserted, I believe.

So now you have to choose between pregnancy and non-stop bleeding.... Choose well!

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Or another form of birth control.

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yeah, because those are the only options right? she could, you know, use a condom... or God forbid, she could just not have sex!

Condoms aren't always effective, not having sex is the better yet boring option.