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Today, my period started again. I just finished a 17-day period 3 days ago. FML
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mads_nicole 19

Uhhhh might wanna go to the doctor OP...that doesn't sound good!

Is that amount of blood loss healthy?


staychill 16

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How do you know she even had sex recently?

Time to go to the doctor (if you haven't already).

#31 nobody said she's had sex recently, #2 was just saying that the upside is that she isn't preggers....

You can still be pregnant even if you get your period.

Rosebudx 32

I hate being that person, but you cannot have your period and be pregnant. You can, however, have decidual bleeding, which is period-like bleeding that is often (but not always) lighter than your period and tends to stop by the third or fourth month of pregnancy (but, again, not always).

Actually #152 you can. My friend didn't find out she was pregnant until she was 6 weeks. And she got her period regularly like she always did up until then.

Finding out at 6 weeks is still pretty early to find out.

@177, it wasn't her period, 152 literally just explained what it was. Besides 6 weeks is fairly normal to find out your pregnant. You can't even tell for the first month.

Point still stands. OP could still be pregnant.

a period is supposed to be about a week long and occurs once a month. I think not being pregnant is her least worry right now

holy shit the stupidity in the thread you cant have a period while prego you get what is called pre natal bleeding (I think thats what it is called) which isnt a period.

Why are you even discussing pregnancy lmao there's clearly something wrong here and it's not a foetus..

mads_nicole 19

Uhhhh might wanna go to the doctor OP...that doesn't sound good!

My mother is an ER nurse and she says absolutely go to a doctor. Now.

Eh, it doesn't, but it happens. Anything can **** it up, for some it lasts a few days longer than usual, others get it twice in one month and some of us just get the real bloody end of the stick when it comes to menstrual cycles. Take OP for example.

My friend's used to last a week and occur every 2 weeks. She visited a few doctors and they all agreed it was natural. Annoying, but still within normal boundaries.

KeannaLove 32

But OP has lasted 17 days, which is NOT normal. She needs to see a gynecologist ASAP.

Agreed. And to those who think that this is "okay" just because you don't really lose "that much blood" then you probably have never had this problem. I was put on the pill after having a continuous period for 3 weeks. Yep, 3 ******* horrible weeks. And now my periods last 3 days, thanks to birth control. Even if it's not THAT much blood, it's still not healthy. OP, I hope you get that checked out soon. But know that there's a solution to your problem!

see a doctor anyway. but if OP is on progesterone only contraceptives then that happens sometimes. it's not dangerous just annoying. I had it.

Seriously? 17 days is nothing compared the months that mine went on for. Like i said, some of us have had it worse than others. Sometimes it's serous, my case wasn't. BC was the only thing that controlled it. But I'm a woman, what do I know. lol

askullnamedbilly 33

Yes, #145, what DO you know? You're not a doctor, you just happen to be part of the gender that does experience periods. Just because you happened to be unlucky regarding the length of yours does NOT mean you get to bitch that 17 days is 'nothing'. OP could be seriously ill and should absolutely go see a doctor.

Rosebudx 32

As a woman who also has stupid periods, I know that in order to get birth control to get your periods under control, you have to go to the doctor. It is not normal, it can become a serious issue (even if it didn't for you), and it requires medical attention. Whether you think so or not, this is a big deal.

#154, Did I not just say that it could be serious for some? I'm not dismissing her situation as 'nothing' and you are really quick to bitch and moan about something that really, everyone is in the dark about. We won't know if hers is serious or not until she follows up. I'm simply saying it happens. It's not unheard of.

#159 Of course it happens, no ones disputing that. The fact that it has happened to other women doesn't make it healthy or normal in the slightest.

Hey guys- OP here- the reason my period we so prolonged was because i have the contraceptive implant, and it is a very common side effect to have disrupted periods. The period after my 17 day period lasted 50 days- I was very lucky not to develop anaemia!! They weren't very painful or heavy- just more of an annoyance. I am now on the pill to control my period. I am actually quite lucky because many girls say that they get horrible mood swings and gain weight and have a very low libido, so i am actually quite lucky that my only side effect was a prolonged period! Thanks for worrying though guys :))

Is that amount of blood loss healthy?

It really isn't that much blood. You lose only about 4 tablespoons in an average period( 4-7 days) and although 17 days is exceedingly long and still very serious, there isn't an enormous amount of blood being lost!

You lose much, much more after giving birth and for a significantly longer period of time.

It doesn't matter how much you loose it can add up over time. No, it's not healthy. I developed sever anemia when I first started having my period and had to be put on birth control pills to control it and on iron pills and monthly blood tests to check my levels. OP must be feeling like shit by now physically from the blood loss.

cheshireau 26

What about Iron? She could get very sick from that too.

#127 iron is a necessary ingredient for the production of red blood cells

Rosebudx 32

@43, you also spend nine months accumulating blood and menstrual stuff in order to encase your baby. Of course you're going to lose more and for longer. Not the same thing at all.

I think she means lack of iron and figured it was implied by just saying it, because a lot of girls have that problem, especially in relation to periods. :(

SailorSolaris 43

I lose about three cups of blood during my period, which only lasts 2-3 days. Not a good thing, but not bad either. For me, it's normal.

"maybe"? I feel like OP should most definitely go to a doctor, right away.

zacharyd650 15

You should definitely get checked by a doctor. Although my girlfriend said that stress and hormones can mess with your period. Also she told me that birth control helps to regulate that.

Eh birth control is really unreliable about what it will do. For some people it helps regulate, but for others it will do the opposite. Its effects have a wide range and react with different people's bodies very differently. Like I've heard a lot of people say their birth control cleared up their acne, but my sister's previously clear face became acne ridden on her birth control. It really just depends.


agree 100% with above statement! my Dr told me that I can't get 1 form that's known to stop periods because with my own cycle it would make me bleed the majority of the month. no thanks!

She should talk to her doc about switching types it could help

Birth control could fix it, but then again it could be what's got her into this mess in the first place. I wouldn't try to use it without seeing a doctor first. Also different types have different results, maybe a different type would help your sister's face?

cynthianicole95 9

#29 orthotricyclinlo regulates your period pretty well.

Yeah well she has switched a bunch of different times and tried a ton of types. No birth control has ONE effect that everyone experiences, that's what's tricky. Also my mom was on birth control and experienced a lot of bone loss in her hips because of it, so it's actually pretty risky and scary.

Why_me499 21

it doesn't always regulate... my birth control has been giving me my period every two weeks since I started on it almost two months ago.

I don't think that's healthy, and I would definitely get that checked out by a doctor. I'm so sorry OP! Best of luck!

did you just start taking birth control? when i did my period did that for a month then stopped for a week then started again and became doctor told me that was normal for women

don't know why this is thumbed down bc it is entirely valid.

That's exactly what is happening to me because of birth control. At least the pain is gone though, right?

OP here- yes i have the contraceptive implant- but am now on the pill to help with my periods. They weren't painful at all, was just very annoying because i got the implant so i wouldn't worry about getting pregnant, but it stopped me being able to have sex at all!! Which was annoying because me and my boyfriend only see each other once a month and it was always on when i saw him! But the pill has helped regulate it now :)

Don't worry, chocolate and netflix will help.

You've got to be kidding me. OP is having major menstruational irregularities; she's not pissy and PMS-ing.

Chill, they probably weren't super serious

blobbertthethird 24

You have my sympathies. I'm just getting over a three-month period. Damn birth control.

Oh my goodness, that sounds horrifying! I was deliberating taking pills if I ever got pregnant, but I guess this option's out.

What do you mean you were going to take pills when you get pregnant???

#10 I don't know why you're being down voted; that was hilarious and a very aproproate response.