By Sean - 10/06/2013 02:27 - United States

Today, I got a concussion and several staples in my head. As it turns out, watering flowers is much more dangerous than it might sound. FML
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There's got to be a good story behind this....come on OP we need details lol

If OP is American, he can sue the flowers


1. Water flowers 2. Get concussion 3. ????? 4. Profit

Profitable YouTube video/tosh.0 web redemption

Grauncho 27

How do you get profit from the hospital bills and being the laughingstock of the neighborhood?

I finally get it! Step one: steal underpants step two: sell them back during the underwear crisis at 200% value step three: Profit

If OP is American, he can sue the flowers

17. Set up a tent. Charge admission. Let people in to laugh at you for a few minutes. If they want longer, charge them again.

SkyGuy32 17

#40, that's why I think OP is gonna tell his friends something else. I want to hear both stories, but for the fake one I suggest a trip to the zoo gone bad.

Op should be like me. I have a black thumb of death. I can't keep a plant alive. Therefore, no need to water them. WIN!!!

If watering flowers is too dangerous for you I'd hate to see you do something crazy.. like jaywalking.

i knew my flowers where ******* up to something

thats what happens when you grow man eating flowers...tsk tsk

Bloodjoker 11

Come on people have you never played plants vs zombies? Those things are a entire home defense system.

There's got to be a good story behind this....come on OP we need details lol

The details are left out because the OP didn't want to get a lot of YDI clicks.

Maybe OP was peeing on the flowers and got caught...

Watering flowers in pots that sit precariously on a windowsill above your head? Yes, I see you also like to live dangerously

This, I bet on op reaching for flowers he didn't have the height for and pulled the pot upon himself

Even in that scenario I don't understand how you could end up with staples in your head :/

mmizbbz210 13

70, that would depend on how big the plants are. Some people have huge potted plants that can be super heavy..

Grauncho 27

Wow. I would really like to see whether or not you would almost drown in your cereal bowl.

I'll send you some get better flowers

I feel like not all of the details were given...

Actually, none of the details were given.

Actually, some of the details were given- we know what happened, we just don't know how.

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hope you aren't one of those "yolo" people.

Mario knows all about those dangerous plants.