By Anonymous - 28/06/2009 17:30 - United States

Today, I finally got my yearbook for senior year in high school. I started what everyone does, which is count how many times I appear in the yearbook. I stopped when I found a prominent photo of me, picking my nose in class. FML
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YDI for picking your nose in class

That sucks. D: I can't believe they'd put that in a yearbook. /: FYL.


YDI for picking your nose in class

Hahah SOMEONE hates you on the yearbook staff

hahahaha. damn. you pissed someone off apparently. play it off as a joke fool!

ew. don't pick your nosee. YDI ! [:

69 your pic kinda makes you look like a kkk member.

That sucks, but...why were you picking your nose in class in the presence of a camera in the first place?

I dunno about the OP's school, but random teachers/students at mine go around with cameras taking random pictures without anyone noticing. I've seen quite a few pictures of myself in yearbooks, when I didnt even know I was being photographed. Oh, and, according to some magazine I have; people who pick their nose regularly have better nasal health. :D Yay for clean nostrils! ^_^

Did you know that people with cleaner nazals are more likely to get ill?

That's so embarrasing

LMAO, why would you do that!

maybe 3? oh wait no...i got 5 LOL

You fail at life

That sucks. D: I can't believe they'd put that in a yearbook. /: FYL.

A year to remember.

eww next time u should watch out for cameras i guess but that does suck fyl

Tell the people you hid your money in there :DDD

lol at least go to the bathroom to deal with that... and blow your nose. yuck. haha