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Today, someone started an event on Facebook for tomorrow called Kick A Ginger Day. Over 300 people are attending. There are only two redheads in my school, and I'm one of them. FML
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The way I see it, you have three choices: A) Dye your hair B) Play sick and stay home C) Get kicked


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This is just for kids... Any grown up (man) can tell that redheads are just plain better... :) Don't worry, OP, you'll grow into it.

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ohthebloodygore 16

I would die. I'm about the only redhead in my university, that I've seen so far.

Who would dye their hair when they are lucky enough to have red hair. (Other than Lindsey Logan)?

Acousticpixie14 6

No kidding! I used to dye my hair red. I did RSVP to that event though, just cause it's a funny event :P

Red hair Is SO nice. 'ginger' men are kind of.. damn ugly but Women are often beautiful. (Yeah, Lindsay Lohan is f*cking pretty. I mean, she was before her hideous lips & stupid dyed hair, dirty blondie style..) Anyway. In fact, Ginger people should be .. I don't know.. sent in camps like scouts and share their Gingers' lifes. Hahaha, sorry for that (JOKE). (Or not)

So glad the first comment isn't "First!" That annoys the fudge nuggets out of me.

Red hair is beautiful, I wish I had it. And guys that have red hair are not ugly... Prince Harry is so cute. :) I never knew Kick a Ginger Day was real. :/ Sorry OP, FYL.

**** them just kick them back that's what I do I'm a Ginger too cuz they rule

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137- OMG! Gerard Way!! <3 He's a Ginger right now... lol...

omfg. where have you been all my life?

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Dude, same here! Except ours is like, Soul-less Ginger Day and everyone kicks and hits the crap out of us to make us cough up all our stolen souls.

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there's actually a difference between red heads and gingers. gingers=red hair, eyebrows, small eyes, lots of freckles. red head=red hair

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258, small eyes? I've never heard that before, but yes, I'm a 'ginger'. My hair/eyebrows are red. I have freckles. My eyes are green/blue.

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my best friend is red headed...its ok shes still hotttttt

you are soooo lucky, I've been wanting to dye my hair Ginger for ages, my second cousin is a Ginger and I'm so devastated tht I didn't get tht gene :( but Karen gillan is rlly pretty and she's Ginger :)

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True redheads usually have pale skin too. i think that's part of what makes the women hot. I hate how women today are obsessed with tanning their skin

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If any natural redhead were to dye their hair, that would be the most idiotic thing. Having gorgeous natural red hair is Luke a privilege. And people have to stop with the stereotypes. Do you not think that what you post would effect others?

Lots of guys hit girls. Ever heard of domestic violence? O_o

gunna dye your hair Ginger... that's a race like im going to dye my hair asian, it's red or orange

The_Big_Mac 7

kattotang, domestic violence works both ways.

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don't dye your hair just skip school ? duh

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Right!!! Prepare to be booted Daywalker!!!

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135, we don't. Especially, the freckled, green eyed ones, like me.

red hair is gorgeous on guys have been watching way tok much south park.

yea but your hot and I'd take you over my girlfriend any day.

I'm not Ginger but this thing about hating them is pissing me off... it's so annoying I wanna punch the next guy that insults them "punch may be fatal"

pablothepenguin 2

Agreed! Sorry gingers but the only place for you in the world is **** because you aren't wanted lol, comment moderared.

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just because you're a redhead doesn't mean you're a ginger, although there's a good chance

Gingers have souls; I've stolen the soul of every person who has made eye contact with me whose soul wasn't previously taken by another Ginger.

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thank you I hate it when people make fun of red haired people. I gotten in 4 fights over it

DarkHelmet 10

and you were savagely beaten in all of them weren't

Wtf you stupid asshole you have no right to say that to people I hope you step on a Lego dumbass


why foes it suck, they care enough to start that cult

why does it suck, they care enough to start that cult

It sucks because 300 people are going to kick her for having red hair.

What the hell, have some pride. If anyone came up to me and kicked me because of my hair colour, I'd kill them. I don't let anyone lay a finger, or in this case, a toe on me. :) especially for gay events like that.

Gingers don't have red hair. Their hair is ORANGE. It's not that hard.

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that sounds like fun. I should start that at my school

I'm sure you posted that comment for the thumbs up.

we had that at my school too, and these poor gingers kept getting kicked all day by these jerks and one of the kids who did it got expelled :/

How about I start a day where I MURDER YOU IN YOUR SLEEP

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no, the official "kick a dinger"-day is november 26th...

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Lmfao kick a dinger day. remember to wear ur jock straps men.

well, that'd be an awesome birthday present.

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learn karate ... what else can I say..

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You should study the ways of the Red Elders, youngling. Only then will you learn your true power.... run like ******* hell like a velociwalrus is chasing you.

maz255 10

138 because of you gingers now have my respect.... i thank you :)

gooodluck tomorrow. or dont show up so the other person gets evverything.