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  Lustuu_fml  |  14

Red hair Is SO nice. 'ginger' men are kind of.. damn ugly but Women are often beautiful. (Yeah, Lindsay Lohan is f*cking pretty. I mean, she was before her hideous lips & stupid dyed hair, dirty blondie style..)

Anyway. In fact, Ginger people should be .. I don't know.. sent in camps like scouts and share their Gingers' lifes. Hahaha, sorry for that (JOKE). (Or not)


you are soooo lucky, I've been wanting to dye my hair Ginger for ages, my second cousin is a Ginger and I'm so devastated tht I didn't get tht gene :( but Karen gillan is rlly pretty and she's Ginger :)

  Florence_  |  0

If any natural redhead were to dye their hair, that would be the most idiotic thing. Having gorgeous natural red hair is Luke a privilege.

And people have to stop with the stereotypes. Do you not think that what you post would effect others?

  _Vamp_  |  9

I know! I hate them...

Oh wait

  Pawned71  |  0

I'm not Ginger but this thing about hating them is pissing me off...
it's so annoying
I wanna punch the next guy that insults them
"punch may be fatal"


What the hell, have some pride. If anyone came up to me and kicked me because of my hair colour, I'd kill them. I don't let anyone lay a finger, or in this case, a toe on me. :) especially for gay events like that.

  _Vamp_  |  9

You should study the ways of the Red Elders, youngling. Only then will you learn your true power.... run like fucking hell like a velociwalrus is chasing you.