By Mika_Ookami - 21/02/2010 17:54 - United States

Today, I went to the movies with my friends. A pretty redhead came on the screen. One of my guy friends leaned over to me and said, "Have you noticed there aren't any pretty redheads in real life?" I guess he forgot what color my hair is. FML
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I'm sure he was joking. have a sense of humor. lol it is sad though there arnt many pretty redheads. thank goodness I'm one of the few :D

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yea most red heads are ugly ohh the freckles gaaaah

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Today, My friend made a joke at my expense. FML

today I realised I can't take a joke FML

snickerdoodles, don't you have anything to say?

bahaha george I was wondering where snickerdoodles is too :D

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he was probably trying to tap that? maybe a joke! -.- he thinks your hot.

redheads are disgusting, and are rubes.

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wow, way to double-post, idiot. op, i feel ya. but i love my hair, so just tell him to go **** himself. maybe other redheads avoid him 'cause he's an asswipe.

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just because you double-post doesn't make it right. op, embrace your hair and ignore the asswipe.

I'm not right, I was joking :) i've liked my fair share of red heads :)

Hey, hey, you already said something, give other people a chance to say something!

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Reality check.... your ugly!!!

it was supposed to say I bet he didn't. why are my comments not working?

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Your guy friend is wrong on that one. I love em.

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I love redheads too! They're so sexy.

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oh, right, i forgot i dyed it. *eye roll*

I also love them! In fact, I'm engaged to a redhead and we couldn't be more in love

Right! I have a real soft(read hard) spot for redheads myself.

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too bad i dyed mine purple.. ;)

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my cousin is the prettiest person I've ever met... she's a red head.

there aren't any pretty redheads, clearly you exemplify this point.