By fbcaught - 09/02/2010 18:52 - United States

Today, I was checking the Facebook event page to see who is attending the party I am having this weekend, since my parents are going out of town. 1 person has confirmed. My mom. FML
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what a party.

Maybe she'll bring some snacks?


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just because you made an event on facebook doesn't mean that people whodont accept it won't come

Mmm, I don't think that was the FML. I'm pretty sure, since the OP had to wait for their mommy to leave, that it was a secret party. You know, they're probably under 18. Soooo, her finding out seemed to be the implied FML. they are screwed because their parents didn't know about the party and found oht

#1 facebook rule; BLOCK PARENTS

Yeah, and with the new privacy settings, you can have mommy and daddy on your friends list, and any post you don't want them to see, you can block them from seeing. You can just block them from specific status updates or posts. YDI.

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at least your mother is supportive! whip out the olive oil and paaaaaartaaaayyy!

it's a double FML

epic fail FYL

this fml sucks cause perdix hasn't commented on it yet.

92's got the right idea

I like chocolate milk!!!!!!!!!!!!

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lol YDI for having your mom as a facebook friend

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true true girl why wuld yuh want yeur parents looking at stuff yuh talk wit yeur frends??

118 & 123- Can you fucking get a dictionary please?

what a party.

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Best party of your life

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Maybe she'll bring some snacks?

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ouch not smart

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and thats why you dont add your mom on facebook !

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#18 has the best picture ever!

my mother added me. when I ignored it, she demanded I accepted next time. And I and 16...

haha that sucks. but you can always put her on your limited profile :O

How can your mom attend if she will be out of town? I don't understand.

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Mom found out about what was supposed to be a secret party, I'm guessing

Perhaps the mom can ask the OP to reschedule the party so as to fit the moms schedule?

thts their dumb fault 4 puttin a "secret" party on facebook KNOWING ur parent will be able to c it OP YDI for bein dumb!

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You're one to talk about being dumb..

I hope you're not having a sex party.

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Hmm you didn't think through the whole "putting the party on facebook" thing did you!

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who didn't see this one coming

This thought process is what makes teenagers so fucking stupid. Wait, did I say thought process? I meant stupidity.

Hopefully you don't think all teenagers fit into this description...

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So... Stupidity makes teenagers stupid?