By gingerninja - 02/11/2010 17:43 - United Kingdom

Today, our class was focusing on discrimination, and our teacher asked us if anyone had ever felt discriminated against. I put my hand up to share a story, and my teacher immediately said "It's because you're ginger, isn't it?" That's not what I was going to say. FML
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I'm sure it was what you were thinking. ... Honestly, though, I've always wanted red hair. It's so nice. :)


I'm sure it was what you were thinking. ... Honestly, though, I've always wanted red hair. It's so nice. :)

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oh god i agree...i love some red headed mens!!!!

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Haha I was reading this FML while being on the phone and I laugh so hard that I scared my buddy. OP, want a cookie?

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people that are saying gingers don't have souls, you are the ones that don't have souls. dicks. op your teacher must suck.

I personally have a Ginger wife who I love very much but deep down inside me every time I see her I feel the urge to punch her in the face. Gingers give great bj's though feels like you're d*ck is burning :)

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46 what the **** is wrong with you?? keep your ****** up stuff to yourself.

27 - Don't worry about 11, Ignorance. She meant to say "necked" instead of "headed."

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Sounds like some people here have a fetish for girls with red hair... Who wants to know my fetish?!...Nobody? Shit. :(

46 wow um why on earth would you even think that about your wife? thats messed up

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:O I thought it was a secret! ****!

#76- Is it by any chance a fetish for gingers? Because if so that can also be categorized as **********.

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Just because two dogs are humping in my profile pic, does NOT mean that I like **********! Although, I am rather fascinated when I see KaySL slip something into my drink...

My sisters are gingers... If a ginger dies her hair does that make her a closet gringo?

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I need some of what he's smokin asap


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#46 is impersonating peter griffin from family guy, anything he says is supposed to be from Peter Griffin not the actual guy posting..I think ... who knows maybe it really is Peter

I love it how everyone takes 46's comments seriously

Lol OP dw, we get a lot of shit in school. 5 years down the line all the bitchy skanks will be dying their hair red and looking sheepish whenever they see you. In the meantime, try not to let it get to you - sounds like your teacher thinks you're jumping on every excuse to play victim. Yes, you are a victim here, but it's like the race card; gets real old real fast. Rise above it. If anyone gets violent with you though, call the police. 'cause it is a hate crime.

you are probably some nasty man who is not married and definitely never had a bj. stop being a creep

tell the **** to suck my dick as well? proof or it's not true...

guys, 46 was joking. it's a family guy thing.

haha did u get tht from the YouTube video?

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I always heard "GINGA NINJA!"

@#22 but we have a freckle for every soul we steal

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quote the angry ginger on youtube "gingers have soles"

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yeah, it's probably because she's black... and Ginger 173- I think he meant gingers have soles, not souls.

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Your ginger what? Also, I love people with red hair. I wish my hair was red. It's so pretty. :)

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You should dye it. I dyed mine red and I really like it. :)

I want to dye my hair red too or get red highlights :)

My hair is naturally very red, and people ask me if I dye it all the time. It makes me sad.

Females can be hot if they are a Ginger or redhead. Men are not. When I was younger and my hair was a lighter red women would tell me they wish they had my hair color. Not you have nice hair.

lol I'm a Ginger trust me sometimes u wish it wasnt red

9 many could say something back to that..

they are thought to be soulless too!!! I have no proof though

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F u! Gingers have souls you know.

Well (at least according to Angle Beats!), so do water fleas, sea crabs, molasses and barnacles, not to mention the reason why we are limiting it to aquatic creatures.

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- 2, you are don! :L hah. YDI, its to be expected if your ginger c'mon.

aha, but I really don't get it that people think being ginger is a bad thing even though it's quite amusing (in certain circumstances) ;o