Plenty of pep

By awks - 01/10/2012 12:50 - United States - Stuart

Today, I was going through Facebook photos of a pep rally in the hopes that I'd be in at least one of them. I was in one alright. Pulling out a wedgie. FML
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And you did that in a crowded room why?

Which member of the photography club did you piss off?


And you did that in a crowded room why?

feldco1 17

There's usually a ton of people and loud noise at a pep rally which makes it a good place to get away with it because everyone's focusing on other things. Unless OP did it in the middle of the room which is doubtful.

MasterL 3

You ****** idiot, of course he's gonna fix his wedgie just like how ^ they explained it.

shadexilmaendu 4

"Tis better to be seen picking a wedgie than to be seen with your shorts up your bum." - Abraham Lincoln

Or maybe picking wedgies is something a person shouldn't do in public, regardless of whether or not people are focusing on something else.

unknown_user5566 26

This is yet another reason that I don't wear underwear most of the time. No undies, no wedgies. Problem solved! ;)

38- and no hygiene either.

41, it's not a bad thing to go without panties sometimes.

I like your thinking. I am the same way

That was to kayleekY

Please explain 41 what is so damn unhygenic about it? ill tell you what is unhygenic though... leaving underwear stuck up your asshole you fucktard

#38 - It's just as easy to wear a thong, you know...

Sorry, I'm English, so this may sound ignorant. Does everyone hope to have their photo taken at a pep rally if they aren't cheerleaders or members of the sports team, or is this op just particularly attention seeking? Sorry if this sounds rude!

pulling something, anything from your butt is private! OP should have been in the bathroom. Is it really that hard to excuse yourself and go to the bathroom?? Don't like underwear up your butt, try a thong. Its supposed to be there and its allot less fabric. If it was outer clothing, like shorts or a skirt, that's easily done from the sides or from the bottom, so you don't have to shove your hand up your butt in public. Common sense people. Sorry OP but YDI.

I found a yearbook photo of me doing that. That's how all of last year's seniors are going to remember me.

And not by green bean?

That name is too recent. Just this years seniors will remember me by that.

I had to take a picture with a club I'm in at school and my nose started itching terribly bad that I began scratching it with my upper lip. Well, they snapped the picture, and I'm making a terrible duck face in it.

53- how do u scratch your nose with your lip? And y don't u just use your finger?

57-I wasn't really scratching, I was just trying to without moving because they were taking a picture.

Which member of the photography club did you piss off?

Who gets wedgies anymore? That's never happened at my school.

RealTalk0 7

Well that's fortunate.

If by fortunate you mean horrible, then yeah!

lacespace 8

Fortunately that will be everyones favorite too! Classic.

nuke0013 7

Don't be picky. At least you were in a picture.

Look at the bright side... You weren't innapropriately drunk.

Just a little bit though. Under the inappropriate level, but enough to make those god awful pep rallies seem tolerable.

feldco1 17

My senior year they got a photo of me falling while we ran around the gym (a senior tradition) and it managed to get in the yearbook.

Why the hell do people base their self-worth on Facebook?

I suppose they don't feel they have anything better to invest their self-worth in. Personally I feel that accomplishments, relationships, and overall impact on the community would be a more appropriate metric to use.

I guess you were caught with your pants down.