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  KingDingALing  |  9

Green beer? Sorry, buddy, St. Patricks Day has passed already. Midget strippers could work though...since they're half-off.

A party isn't a party without KaySL though. Good ol' Kay is where we get all our drugs from. It's like she's a fucking vending machine for drugs.

  OCDC  |  9

Dammit, you caught me. I guess this means the penguin I saw anally violating Rallets on the side of the road wasn't real, either? D:

  rallets  |  22

hello? hellooooo? anyone here? i seeeeeeee you!!!
yea, just maybe :P

meh, busy with life i suppose.. or are you just being sarcastic? meh

and whos the pensioner? o_O

  trick619  |  0

how is that rude that someone doesnt want to hang out with someone else? theres obviously a reason for everything. are you saying you have never once bailed on someone or told them "no" mr swimmer dude?

  Cshoc16  |  0

I agree with 70. That does look really fake swimmy. That looks like the cover to a magazine or something, and in your profile description it says that me in the pic, uhh, kinda weird you wanna point that out. Oh and trick just raped you to

  vsx2000goton  |  0

1) Just because you are a "dork" or font know how to dance foes not mean you can't have friends. OP probably is just looking for the wrong type of people.
2) YOU need some help with your spelling.