By noquiero - 21/06/2012 18:13 - United Kingdom - Peterlee

Today, someone rang my doorbell. The moment I opened the door, a smell not unlike a cascading torrent of rotting flesh and urine hit my nostrils. I stood there for an eternity as a homeless man leaned on my door and desperately tried to convince me to buy an array of scrap metal from him. FML
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Not a morning person at the best of times

By shouldhavestayedinbed - This FML is from back in 2016 but it's good stuff - United Kingdom

Today, my doorbell rang while I was still in bed. I leapt out and immediately got a severe cramp in one leg, then, staggering around trying to throw some clothes on, I scraped the other leg badly enough to draw blood. When I got to the door there was nobody there, just a parcel on the doorstep. FML
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At least he's trying to make something of himself.


Yeah, atleast the homeless guy was trying to actually earn money through hardwork. You dont see much of that anymore, just people holding up a sign begging for money.

I don't think he was asking for that much money either, you should have bought the damn thing and go back to what you were doing

I forgot about the FML. All I could think about is that OP's imagery and discriptive skills are excellent and they should consider writing a novel. (Have the homeless guy be your muse.)

Meh... Sounds to me like all this guy cares about is his poor sensitive nose. What the hell happened to faith hope & charity?

Exactly. Sounds like the guy has it bad enough, and OP goes and makes fun of him.

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damn, I like your english OP. Almost author-like

This reminds me of one time on Christmas eve, there was a homeless man out in the cold separated from his family. So we gave him some money.

If you feel so bad for him give out your address and we'll send the bumbs to your house.

124. They live with Santa and the Easter bunny

I feel like in that situation i'd give him some money, or food, just because he has at least made the effort to earn his way. I have a lot of respect for people that try to make the best of the situation they are in, no matter how grim. Edit: Oh and this is my 1000th comment... do I get a cookie?

At least he's trying to make something of himself.

A self made entrepreneur! I have to give him SOME admiration, he's not just begging for money!

I'd buy some of his metal. You never know.

Hypothetically, if he lives in Miami, he should keep the scrap metal as a weapon against all the zombies. Furthermore, it would cost more for a face transplant than he could possibly obtain from selling said scrap metal. THEREFORE, by buying his scrap metal you'd be making him unsafe and financially worse off (if he lives in Miami...). How inconsiderate!!!! ;)

I have no idea what you have been smoking, you make no sense whatsoever..

Yes, but a homeless man eating another man's face has nothing to do with scrap metal, which makes his comment irrelevant. And if he looked, he would also see that OP lives in the UK.

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You should've just bought it so he can get away from your door.

Ok buddy, you do that. Maybe you can build a shirt that will never come off with the scrap metal you buy from him.

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I used to have a picture without my shirt on. But guys like this starting making me feel bad so I put it back on :]

Put some ******* clothes on. Is your face THAT ugly?

Lol... Drew every comment you make you get told to put a shirt on. Take the ******* hint.

Drew167 8

No. You'd like that. More like noticing the topless kid. What if I posted topless? Also you have like cumstains on your mirror.

Drew you're skinny as hell. You remind me of those skinny MySpace kids posting shirtless pictures of them cause they have single digit body fat percentages so they think they're buff. I can hate on you all day...

Look at void... It's acceptable to be shirtless... Some of the time when your like him...

I feel like people can be a bit unnecessarily mean sometimes on FML. You wouldn't walk up to one of those weirdos who don't wear shirts in public and insult him, so why do it on a site? I think its in everyones best interest that most people on this sure wear clothes, but still. lay off a bit. No need to pile on like a bunch of middle school bullies.

solosohigh 15

okay, so maybe he is being a little bit of an attention *****. but who cares? everyone always has to be so concerned and offended with what everyone else is doing. I'm annoyed by it, and then I move on. stop wasting your time insulting other people.

You guys are right, my apologies drew and no hard feelings void I understand the hard work.

Void its ok. Your face is in it at least. Drew you look like an advertisement. No one cares if you show off. But I want to comment ad interact with people. Not your pectoral muscles. It just really annoying. I hope I didn't come off too nasty. But it's true.

I like it when people pick and choose what to complain about. "You can't do that! But you can, because -minuscule fact that makes no real difference-".

Haha!! Look at all these fat ***** hating on a guy who works his ass of to look sexy!!

Hey plaguer. Certain things set me off. Including passive aggressive comments.

Hi Ebony. Sorry your peeves are double standard. Nice duck face and peace sign by the way. So much better than an ab shot.

94- why are you so concerned about what he does? I don't think it should matter to you. You guys are plain rude.

Throw a beer on the lawn and say fetch, he'll be gone faster than you know it.

If you're saying he's homeless because he was an alcoholic I understand but if not, why beer?

He isn't an animal. I see your reference to possible alcoholism, but your comment shows unfair judgment because u dont know him or his past. And judging someone can never make you better than that person.

You've done your good deed on telling someone off on the interwebs 78! Good job! *throws a gold star* go get it 78! People can and will judge and assume all they want, there's nothing you can do to stop them from it. Oh noes someone on the interwebs told me to stop assuming and judging! I better get on it stat!

KiddNYC1O 20

85- There's a principle involved.

To 85 - Actually I didn't tell them off. I was just pointing out the fact that judging people will not make a person better than someone else. Your just being ignorant, which doesn't make me mad. Just makes me laugh alittle.

Most homeless people I see nowadays have been ****** over by the Government, mostly Veterans which pisses me off.

90 - and your incorrect usage of the "yours" make me laugh

Also you're judging me on the fact that I made a comment on the internet, how's being a hypocrite working out for you?

99 - I am not judging you. I'm pointing out that you are being ignorant to the meaning of my comment.

98 - well you shouldn't be laughing at me for my grammar mistake, since you used the incorrect verb tense of the work "make".

You are judging me by calling me ignorant And whether I shouldn't laugh or not is irrelevant. I laugh at my own mistakes as well. ;-)

homeless or is delicious

Whoa people no need to get your panties in a knot, I wasn't trying to hurt the homeless mans feelings, because I'm sure he's reading this and sobbing as of right now. From what I've seen, many homeless people put themselves in that situation with addiction and a lack of willpower.

Ignorant doesn't mean you're dumb... It means you just haven't learned it yet.

Hatesfate- I'm not afraid to say it; you are an asshole. Yup I'm judging you to be an asshole because you are one. There is a difference between judging someone regarding their position or mistakes in life, and judging someone because they lack humanity and compassion. The world would be a better place without the former.

Great job! (no sarcasm involved) you handled the comment battle well ^.^d

It's not really judging, it's obvious that you made a comment.

maebelline12 12

actually it would b her incorrect usage of "your",& it would b "u r",if u wanna play that game:)

That is so sad. I would have bought it.

What if he uses the money for drugs or alcohol? That's what I'd be wary about. I know not all homeless people are addicts, but that's just my humble opinion. :D

CaramelMacchiato 13

Instead of giving homeless people money, what my family usually does is go into a store themselves and buy something to eat and drink for the homeless person.

But I got thumbed down when I said the same thing. D:

That is also a good idea. I have also bought food for them instead of giving them money

38 - that is why whenever a homeless person asks me to buy something or for money I ask them if I can pay them in food...

72, you did not say the same thing. You posted a problem, she posted a solution.

Anyway, he works hard for the money *da doo doo* so you better treat him riiiiiiiiiight! Sorry for the cheesy song reference.

Yeah my family lives outside of Atlanta, and we come into contact with people asking for money all the time. Eventually, my mother started carrying around packets of snack crackers, dehydrated fruits, peanut butter packets, etc. in her purse. The reason we shied away from giving tons of food is because (at least in Atlanta) there is a fear that the homeless people with a lot of food will get assaulted by other homeless people for it (the food). And we would occasionally buy them meals, depending on how much time we had.

philbelfrage 13

I agree that the best type of thing to do in this kind of situation is to buy them some food. Often times what will happen is if you offer to get them food they will turn you down because what they really want is money which will often end up being spent on alchohol. Nobody's hard earned money should be blown on getting some homeless guy wasted, that's why you should always offer food instead of money.

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Buy it from him, maybe then he'll use the money to get better clothes. No need to get all pissy about it OP.

#33 - He very well could, but he might be trying to turn his life around. Surely if he's trying to sell scarp metal that badly, he's trying. Also OP didn't mention the smell of drink on him, so it's unlikely the hobo is trying to get alcohol.

Crack is still an option. I'm not saying all homeless people are druggies, but I've given a homeless person money because I felt bad. And I saw him with a 40 ounce a few minutes later. So he had money to buy a 40, but not a hamburger from McDonald's? I'm more comfortable giving them a gently used piece of clothing or a nice, hot hamburger.

Not to mention he was leaning on the door. The first thing I thought of, was that he's intoxicated. Not to say that he wasn't just tired. And smelling of urine means you probably pissed yourself. Even a homeless could just, you know. Farmer piss.

connorfox 0

you crazy girl.... you gave him wayyyyyyy too much money if he could buy a 40 with it. be reasonable and generous at the same time. everyone does stupid stuff with a alot of money, but one cannot spend a small amount or even a bit more than that, so that person must save that money.

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Did you buy it? There are plenty of uses for scrap metal. Build a car, or a plane.

I know the economy isn't great but if you bought it at least he'd be able to take a shower, change his clothes or get a decent meal