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By  bulletetl  |  3

wow! I can relate, newly wed, 24, and have my 3rd nocturnal emission in the last 6 months! I never had on in my life before living with the new wife.. fml too!

By  perdix  |  29

Are you on Ambien or something? Were you standing over her sleepwanking when you had this supposed "nocturnal emission?"

And duck2121, this is the Internet -- here, we answer our own questions about general information. Learn to Google (or, God forbid, Bing). You'll be better for it.

  spazz666  |  18

^and yet you didn't even reply to his comment...

Perdix, I usually don't google anything when I'm reading FML because I'm a teenager and lazy. Besides, someone always comments saying the definition or meaning of the phrase/word I'm questioning. ;D

By  bombtastic  |  10

boohoo you aren't getting laid. grow up. if you thought marriage meant unlimited sex, be ready to become disappointed. maybe shits going on with her body or something, or maybe she just isn't in the mood because you aren't putting any effort into it. you want us women to fuck you, do something other than strip and be like okay your turn and be lazy throughout the process. kthx :)