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  imaginaryvoice  |  18

Was he just holding the flaming leaves waiting for you to open the door? Or did you stand there, watch him put a lighter to a handful of leaves and let him throw it at you?

  JurassicHole  |  5

You promptly chased down the guy and beat the crap out of him, right OP? That shit is completely uncalled for, like the assholes who throw drinks back at fast food window people.
People are assholes. Hope you're doing better though OP.

  Dinkle  |  1

Consider the fact that it was possible that OP was lit on fire, hugging the person who threw the flaming leaves, would burn him aswell, therefore partially getting him back XD

  anzie_fml  |  9

I have to agree with 3. Just because someone throws flaming leaves at you doesn't mean they don't have a need to be loved :3 Maybe he just needs someone to show they care so he won't have to rely on his burning leaves of the Forever Alone tree.

*hint: add sarcastic tone to this if you think I'm full of crap.* &D

  lrgenesis  |  19

Kudos on being the first to wish OP a merry Christmas. I thought op was on fire at first but still it's a wtf kinda thing hahaha. Btw you're really pretty :)

  persianjr1  |  7

If someone threw leaves at me they'd better start running cause id chase them down and make them clean it up!! I'm not gonna let anyone ruin my Christmas.