By Ally - 19/05/2011 01:07 - United States

Today, I came home to my front door open and a homeless man taking a 'bath' in my sink. If this wasn't bad enough, he refused to leave because 'finders keepers!' FML
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You should go take a dump in his cardboard box, show him who's boss.

And... what exactly is keeping you from calling the cops, darling?


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Hell, I take baths in my kitchen sink all the time. It's been mostly positive experiences, except for that one time I got my hand caught in the waste disposal unit...

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One would think that after successfully breaking into a person's home that you'd reward yourself by bathing in the shower rather then the sink if that was the ultimate goal of the B&E...

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Obviously. Homeless men need to bathe to. Except sometimes they forget just where the bath really is. I say you let him stick around and teach you something.

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put him in your basement with a lotion in a basket

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Ok thats when you call the cops when you dont have a shotgun what a moron that suxs I'd be throwing shit at him lol

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Finders keeper, losers weepers?

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In my state, if someone comes into you house unwanted, it's perfectly legal to shoot their ass...

And... what exactly is keeping you from calling the cops, darling?

prolly doesn't know the number for 911 lol

op:go get the shot gun Ma there's a trespasser in me house. Ma:all I could find is one of dem m16 guns. op:will have to do. Pa:and that's the story how our sink got painted red

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Why do you end everything with "darling"?

You should go take a dump in his cardboard box, show him who's boss.

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Not a smart idea. That will be her new place when she can't get him out of her house. Too bad she's probably too stupid to call the cops on him.

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Is there an echo in here? here? wait...wait...wait... nevermind...neverm-

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fyl for having some psycho wash himself in your sink...but ydi for not having a better home security system.

guckylynn 19

Not everyone has a home security system. We don't even lock our doors.

I was thinking the same thing^^^ but OP also deserves it for not calling 911...

where do YOU live? I want to bathe in your sink LOL

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47 where do you live Canada!!!!

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Homeless man taking a bath??? What a ****?

So how did he 'find' your sink? It means your window must have been open for him to enter.

The front door was open when OP got home, suggesting that was the point of entry...

^not really. every time i go into a house i open the door AFTER i break in some other way, just to throw them off.

 sounds like someone's done that before... lol