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Today, while on my way to work, an elderly woman complimented me on my breast cancer scarf. I explained that my grandmother made one for all her female grandchildren before passing away two years ago. The woman then went psycho and almost strangled me in an attempt to steal it. FML
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The old lady had accused me of lying before trying to take my scarf for herself. She even started screaming at me on the crosswalk before trying to take my scarf. I don't know if she was crazy or suffering delusions, but she claimed she was a cancer survivor and deserved the scarf. Thankfully, my grandmother, (she had knitted two dozen scarves) had figured out how to make them strong. My scarf is a little longer now, but it's still mine and the lady fell after losing the tug of war with me. I did outweigh her. I think she's okay, but I'm keeping an eye out every time I wear my scarf. Also, the only reason my grandma made the scarves was because she liked pink and was dying from her diabetes and bone cancer. But thanks for all the support and all the ironic statements.

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Weird_situations 13

What a bitch. I hope it didn't get ruined in the process. Sorry OP

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what a shame that someone would try to steal such a sentimental thing from you :(


Weird_situations 13

What a bitch. I hope it didn't get ruined in the process. Sorry OP

You never can predict what people will do. Maybe it was a misunderstanding? It would be hard to misinterpret a woman grabbing your scarf and trying to run off, but you never know. Either way: FYL

Yeah you won't be saying it was misunderstood when an old person comes at you with a knife.

Uhhh 41 I think that's a bit extreme. I don't know about you but I didn't read anything about a knife. It's an old woman, she couldn't be that threatening. Even so I would be pissed off.

Obviously I knew there was no knife mentioned. I was just simply stating the fact that I wouldn't simply think it was a "misunderstanding" if someone came at me in a way that could kill me.

she is so disgusting she only wanted it after she found out it meant a great deal to the OP sounds like a lot of people I know

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I believe there was an FML a while back where an old lady robbed a different OP with a knife or some sort of weapon. Ya can't trust the elderly to not do something crazy.

At the risk of getting downvoted, may I agree with 45 that a knife may be extreme? I think an old lady is too weak to carry a dangerous one.

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Lee002 8

what a shame that someone would try to steal such a sentimental thing from you :(

I had someone steal a scarf my grandma made me too, I confronted her about it and she had the nerve to tell me her grandma made it. I stole it back.

Makes you wonder what was hoping through the old lady's head! Maybe she has dementia or something though, and was confused, rather than her being just a psycho scarf stealing granny.

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Yep old lady stealing and possibly ruining a precious gift is extremely funny...

It was very cold, and I've worn the scarf before without any attempts on its life.

Can't even trust compliments from elderly women nowadays. The world is a scary place.

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Right, guys. Clearly it was a terrible joke. Before I get strangled over insensitivity about breast cancer, I've lost four aunts and a grandmother to the disease. I was simply trying to bring a bit of absurdity into an otherwise awful scenario.

that'd be hard to do, easier to just kick her in that floppy, hanging sack of bitterness. as a bonus her shin will hurt too.

#37 I know you got downvoted for that comment and that it may have been in bad taste, but it sure as hell made my day just a little bit brighter. For that I applaud you, because i needed a smile.

well thank you. I guess most people cringe at the thought of poor old granny getting shit-kicked for being such a grand old twat.

luckyone365 7

Actually, now it has a great story to go with the sentimental value.

BriCx 8

That's terrible. I hope that by "in an attempt" you mean she didn't get it, in which case I'm glad such a precious gift didn't get stolen.

When you say elderly woman going psycho I imagine the old lady from "Legion."

Knightchaser27 25

I imagine Norman Bates dressed as mother

I don't even get why she would try to do that.

Neither do I, in what way does the creation of OP's scarf make it more precious to some random old lady?