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Today, one of my elderly swimming students ran into me at Walmart. Being a polite teenager, I said hi to him. He looked at me surprised and said, "Oh dear! I didn't recognize you with your clothes on!" I'll never forget the look on his wife's face. FML
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He was only used to seeing you for a breaststroke. I take it his wife took this news less than swimmingly. In that case he will have to go freestyle if he doesn't want to end up in deep water.


Surprise? Envy? Joy? Happiness? What was the look on her face? So many possibilities.

She probably has her own hot pool boy in her elderly swimming class.

kristabelli 19

There's a reason your fun isn't identified.

Yeah I realised my mistake to late. I tried to edit it but ran out of time:P O well next time.

I can't believe they made the same mistake twice in two posts saying pretty much the same thing...

too* late Come on, now! Is grammar REALLY so difficult?

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2- just ignore these assholes. apparently they have nothing better to do then make fun of someone off of the internet.. grammer isn't everyone's cup of tea so just blow them off and go back to your day! :)

*grammar. Apparently spelling isn't your cup of tea.

44, were both your errors intentional? Or just one?

You're right (got it this time) I made two mistakes in a row but no one is perfect. I am honored you all felt the need to correct me.

44, first off I believe they are mocking him while he is ON the Internet.... Secondly, the ability to convey your thoughts and statements into legible WORDS for people to read earns respect. If everyone took your standpoint with respect to the importance of grammar and proper spelling, mankind would be illiterate morons within decades.

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pretty sure the stereotypical American already is #66

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I am sure he will explain everything to his wife by telling her its all on te up and up. You were simply teaching him the breast stroke.

He was only used to seeing you for a breaststroke. I take it his wife took this news less than swimmingly. In that case he will have to go freestyle if he doesn't want to end up in deep water.

You're just fishing for puns there, buddy. Don't worry OP, he's just carping you.

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That was rather shallow of you #15.

I'm wondering, Pleonasm, have you ever read those books by Piers Anthony that are made entirely of puns?*apologizing for randomness and acknowledging probability of being down-thumbed*

No, I've never heard of Piers Anthony, but it sounds like a novel idea to make a book entirely out of puns.

Maybe his wife will realize that he was just being a social butterfly.

Are those the the Xanth novels? I haven't read those in years... I do remember the pecan pie was a pie with a can full of pee in it...

Pleonasm, you sir are a true gentile man from profile picture, to proper punctuation.

You should've said something like "same to you, handsome"

I am very sorry for that horrible comment. I will now leave the Internet.

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At least you learned your lesson.

Aww it wasn't that bad to me... (braces for down-votes in my shelter)

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Is it bad that I laughed? Will one of you kind folks donate a good sense of humor to me?

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Almost as hysterical as your username

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Uh oh, it looks like he'll sink into some deep trouble with his wife.

Well then it's a good thing he's taking swimming classes

I guess your in deep water. Her head must be swimming with angry thoughts. Just explain it to her and I am sure she will cool down. It will soon be water under the bridge.

I guess if your first comment gets thumbed down, you better try again with more lame puns and with the same grammatical errors, that will fix everything.

Having a swimming class with a hot instructor - 50$ Going to the store with your wife (where you know she works) - 100$ Seeing your wife's face after that comment- Priceless!

Since when is a trip to Wal-Mart a hundred dollars?

Maybe they're making a big purchase? Walmart may be cheap (from what I've heard) but that doesn't mean you can't spend $100+ in one go especially if you're having a party.