By Anonymous
Today, I was sitting in Walmart when I saw an attractive woman walking by. Being the single guy I am, I went up to her and asked if she needed help with carrying her groceries. She responded with, "You know I'm a guy, right?" FML
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By  mssileas  |  25

Yea just what I need when I just want to shop for groceries - having some random stranger chat me up because I'm a woman in public and he thinks I'm attractive and that's all the reason he needs to be a bother, offering to follow me to the place I live. LOL

Be glad it turned out to be some dude and never, ever do that again. You being single is not my concern. It's also not chivalrous, it's just weird and alienating.

By  Kaili McCoy  |  6

So you only help women because your single? I mean it don’t speak for every woman but it takes more than just a helping hand with some groceries for the knickers to fall. You are aware that women aren’t vending machines right? Sex doesn’t fall out just because you’ve put some “nice” in.