By Sloppy Cashmere - United States - Bemidji
Today, I visited a waterpark with friends. At one point, a woman floating near me suddenly says to me, "How are you doing, honey?" Instinctively, I replied, "I'm well". The woman gave me a strange look and I turned around to find she was talking to her child directly behind me. FML
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  TheMathMajor  |  26

Oh my goodness. I have a vivid memory of something similar. We were at a toy shop and someone who I thought was my sister was looking at the catdog toys. I shouted out "ooooooh I love catdog!" and went to take the toy from her. Then they looked at me like I was crazy for a second and then just laughed. I looked over to see my family was on the other side of the shop about to leave and motioning toward me to follow. I was mortified.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I still remember doing that to someone when I was really young (probably around 4 yrs old). We were at church and there was a lot of people around and I turned and grabbed onto, what I thought, was my moms leg, only to look up and realize it wasn't her. I was so embarrassed. Weird how that can embarrass us enough that we remember it years later.

By  EagleSonOfEagle  |  11

In this day in age, where everyone has cell phones and bluetooth, you would think people would start looking before they speak.... or maybe that's just me considering every comment is along the lines of "Happens to me all the time". I feel so alone...