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Today, on my 21st birthday, a relative asked me if I was still engaged to the love of my life. The man I spent several years with, gave my virginity to, moved across the country for, who promised to marry me before my 21st, and who swore he was over his ex for good. No, but thanks for asking. FML
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perdix 29

I'm sure your relative regretted asking you this and wished they had just asked the real question they wanted to pose in the first place: "Would you please pass the potato salad?" Single at 21? BFD! You've got about 14 good years to find a good man. If you want kids, you should get a bit panicky at around age 35 and then settle for any douchebag that can produce viable sperm.

wiggs5 0

thats sad :( but obviously wasn't meant to be! you'll find someone else! :) look at the bright side of things..


abceasyas123abc 12

That's rough!

grizzvolleyball9 4

Agreed, I'm sorry OP

what does OP mean?

When I first made an fml account I didn't know what op meant but I used this thing called Google it only took (0.09 seconds) of my life and there was About 1,710,000,000 results.

Hey baby, want to uhh, go for a ride?

instead of writing the book on how you figured it out don't you think it would have been just as easy to say what it was.

after using google and taking less than 0.09 seconds of my life, while 1,710,000,000 results were displayed, I clicked on some and found out: 1) yes, I WOULD like some penis enhancements 2) OP = Original Poster

optimistic pedophile

anakaren_831 1

abominable pussy ;)

combo breaker >:-D

let's try again. 50 is a OP. old proctologist

anakaren_831 1

online pornstar.

C6Racer 0

Your mom.

hahahahaha that was actually the perfect time for a "your mom" joke.

18 lol but pointless 47 op not ap lol

pu13 5

oiled penny

lol OP needs to quit whining. OP standing for Optimistic Pansy.

DiamondFinish 0

At #46 You failed so dam hard. Abominable pussy? since when does abominable start with "O"? You failed just as hard as the guy washing his car in the rain.

how about some offspring… original prankster

offer pity, sorry I just wanted to belong :P

organic pineapples.

atticuz 2

the real combo breaker. op means original poster. the person who posted the FML.

ASHLEYbcddd 0

.... you realize that's AP.... when there talking about OP.... dumb

YDI for thinking of marriage by 21. That is way too young to be making those kinds of decisions, marriage shouldn't be talked about until 25 at the earliest.

AceArctic 4

144 - obviously you've never been to the south. here it's strange for people NOT to be married by 21. everyone else - oblong pantaloons.

odorless pussy :]

I agree with #26, but sometimes stupid questions deserve stupid answers.

hang on a second so i read this whole thing and not once did i hear the proper meaning of OP??? ohhhwww :(

EvilCupcake8361 9

Orange pony

129 you realize it's THEY'RE. You're not too bright yourself.

wiggs5 0

thats sad :( but obviously wasn't meant to be! you'll find someone else! :) look at the bright side of things..

blame it on the a a a a a alcohol!...

fml_psl 0

Thats sad

what brightside

helloletsgo 0

too young to get married. enjoy ur life

if u love someone enough that u want to spend the rest of ur life with them then it doesn't really matter how old u are (within reason)

lola_popz 0

if u love someone enough to spend ur whole life with them , then why rush? u have ur whole life

wiggs5 0

you aren't rushing if your both wanting to get married and start the new chapter of your life. it's a mutual agreement :)

violetsweety 26

the bright side is that you can drink your problems away.

wiggs5 0

no, thats not bright at all.


sounds like a flying gypsy to me

Doubly agreed.

Gypsy, do not trick me! Give me your tears or I will take.

A gypsy indeed

funnyFMLSplz 0

aka I second that. you fail

Ouchhh, that's awful. Karma will get him back. And as for you OP, you'll find the right guy. :)

OP won't ever find a guy if she keeps bo

bitter? your young try to move on. really, just give it a shot. plus you need to not settle for the first dude you have sex with. enjoy! men are wonderful.

SpicyGrass 0


shakethat 10

why would anyone want to get married before their 21st. he did you a favor!

Jay1D 0

so they started going out when the were 14? but he he had a ex before that witch he hasn't gotten over in 7 years?

cptmorgan15 2

SEVERAL! Learn to read before you make an ass out of yourself.

you should add the word SOME men are wonderful many arent but many are

Go and insert your fist into his ass. You will feel better, I promise.

it always does make me feel better.

I seriously doubt that

I mean, the man you loose it to won't always be your husband. if you can say it was worth it, then that's what counts IMO. you're too young to get married Op, don't feel too bad. you have your whole life ahead of you. most men lie about those stuff, let it be an experience.

words of wisdom from junior high, eh?

stephan2010 0

96, yep they just act like adults already. should we be proud or annoyed?

Give her a break.

Who cares how old number 11 is? I only disagree with 'most men lie about that stuff' (generalisation and so), but I agree with the rest of her comment, no matter what her age might be. Words of wisdom from college.

Naaaaah. Most men don't "lie about this stuff". Most men delude themselves into thinking what they want to believe....women do too, so maybe I should say "most people". I remember my first GF, and how I sincerely meant it when I said "I'll love you forever, we should get married!". In hindsight, that would have been a horrible horrible decision and I'm happy things turned out the way they did.

#96, "words of wisdom" from a Freshman... :) oh and sorry if the 'most men lie' part offended any of you. I didn't really mean all, but yeah you get the point.

It's lose*** not loose.

nothing92x 13

Wait, does this "ex" of his have anything to do with this?

it means he went back to her

it means he went back to her

Thomebody's thmart.