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Today, my ex showed up at my door with chocolates and flowers. I've liked him since I was 13, starting dating him when I was 15. He proposed when I was 22. I am now 24, and yesterday was our wedding day. He didn't show. FML
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wow that's a pretty amazing love story well, minus the no show for the wedding that kinda love is rare nowadays

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he's not really your ex. he's just your fiancee that forgot to marry you.


CryingHowls 0

wow that's a pretty amazing love story well, minus the no show for the wedding that kinda love is rare nowadays

I'd have to agree, this must be true love. Talk to him and find out why he didn't show. By the sounds of it he wouldn't have just ditched even though some guys do. This kind of love is rare. :)

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Just because people have been together for a long time doesn't mean it's some rare form of true love. It sounds romantic, yes, but just because it's cinematic doesn't mean it's EXTRA special. Plus, chocolates and flowers get a C-/D in terms of grand gestures. When you're trying to win back the woman you jilted, you can't treat it like you had to work late on Valentine's Day. You have to treat it like what it is...breaking her heart and humiliating her in front of all her and your friends and family. Showing up empty handed with a sincere apology is so much better than showing up with your arms full of cliches.

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Not sure if him coming back is even a good thing...

Maybe... something happened? But if it was something that wasn't his fault, I doubt he'd be loaded up with typical fresh couples/Valentine's things. Unless there was something specifically special about the chocolates and flowers, but I can't think of anything.

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come on he probably got scared shitless for some reason or something it happens

That you come back having at least something in your hands for her, means that you spent time on thinking and getting the stuff for her. She'll appreciate that and you'll have a bigger chance of being apologized.

I totally agree. You can't treat her like trash and then show up like that. Op didnt tell us this, but I bet he's sure she'll forgive him.

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OMG. The Hangover much? I'm sorry you had an ass for a boyfriend after supposedly all these years of true love.

You know, truly awful mistakes do happen . If they were together 9 years and he was back the next day I do think it's unfair to call him an ass like that not knowing the situation. There are a lot of possible explanations for why he missed it

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wow, #2, you ignorant bitch. The Hangover wasn't the grooms fault, and he made it to the wedding on time, making your comment utterly pointless

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oh dear, this story is near identical to mine and my boyfriends....lets hope the ending isnt the same!

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pretty eye.... *poke* & *runs away*

It's been over 6 years since #4 posted this. Anyone else curious if she and her boyfriend got married?

There is a chance his bachelor part was the day before the wedding. There are A LOT of FMLs in moderation about guys oversleeping the day of the wedding after a night of partying. (Not necessarily today, but I've seen quite a few in general.) Give him a chance to explain, there could be a good reason. He seems like he is genuinely sorry, having shown up with flowers.

i was just going to ask if her fiance/ex might be this guy: XD

hmm I dont think so..he's from California and she's from NY

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I hope you're not implying that getting too drunk the night before the wedding to actually wake up in time to get married is a good excuse? Maybe there could be a good excuse (like someone died or something just as bad...) but there are a million ways to actually let his fiancee know that something horrible has happened and they need to reschedule their wedding. I'm guessing since none of that happened, this guy just got scared or something. Which is NOT an excuse.

Meanwhile, the excuse of "I ended up stuck in Vegas with two hookers and a table covered in blow. I finally came down and missed the flight" is never a good excuse.. Just sayin.... :)

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he's not really your ex. he's just your fiancee that forgot to marry you.

HA! I don't know why but I found your comment very funny :)

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Haha, I think "forgetting to marry her" us more than grounds for making him her ex. I am curious as to what he had to say for himself, though.

Exactly. Just plan another wedding. He seems to really love you. And htf is this an FML? I swear people send things that should not have been an FML. Seriously, though. Remarry and enjoy life.

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DasHaas 9

It might have to do with him missing the wedding ;)

I don't know if flowers and chocolates are enough to make up for having abandoned your fiancee on your wedding day. Seriously, anything short of having been near-mortally wounded in a horrendous 38-car pile-up is pretty much unforgivable. It just shows such an utter disregard for his fiancee's feelings...

I agree. From the way the FML was worded I assumed that he had just gotten cold feet and didn't show up OR call OR let her know why he didn't show up(hence the word EX), until the next day when he stood there with chocolates and flowers...and that is just beyond f-ed up...if he had had a really good explanation he would have called her as soon as possible to let her know what happened. My husband also had his bachelor party the night before the wedding and from what I heard he got totally wasted...he did show up on time though and he looked perfect it's definitely a) do-able and b) not THAT good of an excuse if the bachelor party really was the reason why he didn't show.

Vitamin_C is right about the flowers and chocolates -- it just might not be enough, the story is going to have to be quite compelling. If he showed up with doughnuts, you should take him back no questions asked!

Did you even read the entire entry????

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Did you not read that their wedding was on the previous day?

He got stuck on the roof because of his friends. For real.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas