By Anonymous - 09/03/2015 12:15 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, I told my Dad I was an alcoholic and had decided to seek help. His reply, "Don't stop drinking, you are the life of the party, funny and beautiful when you drink." FML
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He cares more about you being the "life of the party" than being healthy? Wow.


SoapTurtle 7

well, at least it wasn't anything negative? keep fighting!

I actually think it's a negative thing to say, because OP's problem isn't taken seriously.

It was incredibly negative. The OP's father is influencing their child's alcoholism.

I agree it was not a good response but at least it wasn't something like "You're less bitchy when you're drunk".

McNikk 15

This is what I was thinking. This dad sounds like he's got some serious issues with how he views his daughter.

Sound like the dad is probably an alcoholic too. Probably doesn't want to lose a drinking buddy.

Please tell me you don't look up to this man

Father of the year ! :D No but seriously that's rude.

At least he's ok with you going out to party. I mean it's bad that you found yourself an alcoholic. Try to drink lots of water to replace the alcohol

that's the problem he isn't supporting OP at all he's saying to not quit drinking which isn't what OP needs OP needed for him to support her not tell her to keep partying.

assassinbanana0 20

If OP feels he is an alcoholic, his father shouldn't try to convince him to keep drinking. He should support OP

#6 do you know what an alcoholic is? Doesn't mean you like drinking. It means you can't live without it.. It's a disease. Trying to replace it with water is probably not going to cure that.

#6, Replace it with water? Are you serious? I would think addiction would at least be better understood than this.

Welcome to FML, where drinking water cures everything and everything that can't be cured by drinking water is a character flaw :D

54, FML sounds a lot like Navy boot camp.

I was trying to say that at least OP can go out to party with their parent(s) permission. Some people can't and it sucks for them. Anyway about the water, I'm not saying that water "magically" replaces the alcohol, it should be something that OP should drink more of so that there wouldn't be a withdrawal or even a mild one. Holy shit all of you are animals. ****** process the information a little bit

countryb_cth 38

#70 You do realize you said replace the alcohol with water. That is not enough information and you made it sound as if replacing the alcohol with water would magicly help. Get off your high horse.

Drinking more water in no way will assist with the withdrawal. It will keep them hydrated but that's about it. It won't lessen the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. You're follow up made your initial comment more ridiculous instead of clarifying or validating it.

Not something to sit down over a beer to discuss.

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"Can't we just settle this over a pint?"

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Well then...not exactly the response you'd expect.

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He cares more about you being the "life of the party" than being healthy? Wow.

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I pictured Crocodile Dundee saying that.