By Anon_a_mouse - 30/3/2011 19:59 - Reserved
Today, I came home from a week-long vacation, only to find my mother-in-law didn't just dog-sit while I was gone; she moved in, along with all her possessions, and seems to think it's a permanent deal. FML
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By  DocBastard  |  38

Mother-in-law: Welcome home! Did you have a good...
OP: Get out.
Mother-in-law: I did some rearranging...
OP: Get OUT.
Mother-in-law: Can we talk about th...
OP: Bitch, I will fucking destroy you.

  DaveOnDope  |  4

Not always. My SO's mother lives with us and I rarely see her at all unless she cooks up dinner. Fried taters, chili beans, and cornbread! Good Oakie food, love it, and her too. She's just an old sweetheart. She adjusted to living in a home where the cannabis does roam. She's almost 80!

  dum_dum1  |  0

well I would throw that old fart out on her ass. she would be the ultimate party pooper, telling stories about the great depression and losing her false teeth. soon your whole house smells of old people. do you have any idea how hard it is to get old lady smell out of a sofa. and chicks don't dig it when there is some strange old lady sitting around waiting to die.

  DaveOnDope  |  4

Yay! I've got my very own spelling Nazi! And here all along, I thought nobody cared! (:
Now dat be bettah then greassy taters!

Deal with it f$cknut. I mean honestly, spelling flames went out of style in the 80's.

  Isabel312  |  0

she was just going to dog sit. that is until she walked it with her boyfriend and it humped him in the park. darn. she was so embarassed she had to change her address and move into your place. it was your fault, actually.

  KaySL  |  24

You're clearly high out of your freakishly hirudinean mind. Next time, do us a favour, and try not snorting petrified dog shit immediately prior to reading the FMLs, eh?

  KaySL  |  24

Doc, You wanna throw down, old man? Bring it! Bring it all AWN! You ain't got shit on me, son*!

*Of course, this self-assured arrogance is only good as long as you weren't the one who planted that blade in your patient's back to begin with.


46 - I agree and I think because there's some sort of polka dotted growth all over the arms and legs of that girl jumping on that fool, also it just looks creepy in general.