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Today, I came home from a week-long vacation, only to find my mother-in-law didn't just dog-sit while I was gone; she moved in, along with all her possessions, and seems to think it's a permanent deal. FML
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Mother-in-law: Welcome home! Did you have a good... OP: Get out. Mother-in-law: I did some rearranging... OP: Get OUT. Mother-in-law: Can we talk about th... OP: Bitch, I will ******* destroy you.

OMG!! kick her out. that's a tough one. your house.


Send her back to the old folks home.

well at least she will make all the sandwiches u want

DaveOnDope 4

Not always. My SO's mother lives with us and I rarely see her at all unless she cooks up dinner. Fried taters, chili beans, and cornbread! Good Oakie food, love it, and her too. She's just an old sweetheart. She adjusted to living in a home where the cannabis does roam. She's almost 80!

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72 - unless I'm mistaken you, sir need to speek (type) proper English

just move into her house, it should be fine once you air out the old peoples smell and kill all her cats.

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well I would throw that old fart out on her ass. she would be the ultimate party pooper, telling stories about the great depression and losing her false teeth. soon your whole house smells of old people. do you have any idea how hard it is to get old lady smell out of a sofa. and chicks don't dig it when there is some strange old lady sitting around waiting to die.

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Why are you agreeing with yourself? It makes you look like a retard on crack.

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99 I don't think OP is concerned about chicks if he is married just sayin.

it wasn't intentional. my comment never showed up on the Iphone app so i went on the internet and changed the wording. After I put the new comment in my original showed up.

ye your right. but only if down there has a kitchen so she can cook

Since your correcting grammar, #124, the word is spelled, not spelt.

you really wanted to say that didn't you.. just because you didn't see it you actually logged on to website lol

Spelt is a word. it's the same as spelled.

kinda like smelled=smelt it's British English. so chill out

I'm just going to correct everyone now with you're*. There's no excuse for not knowing the difference.

Since you are correcting grammar, #162, it's "you're". I love how literally everyone who corrected someone else's post made an error as well.

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Yay! I've got my very own spelling Nazi! And here all along, I thought nobody cared! (: Now dat be bettah then greassy taters! Deal with it f$cknut. I mean honestly, spelling flames went out of style in the 80's.

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no1 cares about spelling. it's a dying art

Tell her not to pee on the carpet and she can stay, worked for me

just make her a benedryl breakfast...argue that she does nothing but sleep...then put her in a home...should be gone in a month tops :)...ur very welcome!

OMG!! kick her out. that's a tough one. your house.

she was just going to dog sit. that is until she walked it with her boyfriend and it humped him in the park. darn. she was so embarassed she had to change her address and move into your place. it was your fault, actually.

Oh, I see how it is, KaySL. Stealing my jokes, eh? Fiiiiine. It's on, bitch.

36- I don't know why but there's something very unsettling about your picture.

KaySL, some bitches just need to get cut.

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I will serve as instigator. KaySL are you gonna let him say that. you can come up with a way better come back. and Doc you got this KaySl got nothin on you.

sublime420 11

Pssst...Kay..I wouldn't worry about the blade. I'd be much more worried about the coke bottle from his previous pic...


Hmmm this has a good tagline: "**** circumcision, just get Doc Bastard's good old home-made Foreskin'B'Gone!"

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!! oh and ops and mods have ability to alter your thoughts so put on the al foil hat before it's too late

Hey buddy, come back on FML sobber okay?

KingDingALing 9

8 - No, but there's a "sex me up" button. I use it on KaySL all the time! It's a secret though, so shh...

46 - I agree and I think because there's some sort of polka dotted growth all over the arms and legs of that girl jumping on that fool, also it just looks creepy in general.

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Ummmm, corprolites. (probably spelled wrong but IRDGAF)

IRDGAF? Hmm... It's Rolling Down Greasy Arm Folds? I'm Really Disturbed. Got Any Frosting? Idiots Rarely Drink Good Apple Fritters?

DaveOnDope 4

IRDGAF I really don't give a ****.

F the dogs life. The dog had to spend a whole week alone in the house with her.

I guess she doesn't understand personal space. :X

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well tell her it's your house and not hers and that you will decide if she can or can not stay and that it is not her choice or if she does stay that she has to pay rent

Looks like you're still your mom's bitch. And your dog.. Is your mom's bitch too.