By bubblegum92 - 29/06/2013 08:02 - Australia - Perth

Today, It was my fiancé's 21st birthday party. It ended with him too drunk to walk and wailing about how much he misses an ex girlfriend of his that he dumped 4 years ago. FML
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A drunken man's words are a sober man's thoughts. Just move on...


Dump his lame ass! No one should ever get that drunk.

MzZombicidal 36

PLENTY of people get that drunk. As for you, OP, I hope you can sort things out for yourself. As a few true comments have said, "drunk minds speak sober hearts." I definitely wouldn't want to be married to a man who constantly misses his ex.

Yeah you just dump someone that you're ready to marry soon because he or she got too drunk and start all over like nothing happened. You obviously haven't been in the real world #1.

Out of everything written in the FML, it's his drunkness you took issue with?

suboy 10

They say a drunk man tells no lies

Yep sorry to say op but you should really reconsider this engagement. It's pretty obvious he still has some feelings for this ex. You should never ever marry someone if there's even a single question that their heart is not fully into it.

sorry OP, hes not ready for marriage, he misses his ex after all that time, and really he's 21! that's too young. I was married at 23, we were highschool sweethearts (still married at 32) but damn was it so very hard and their is always the fear of would he have still chosen me after he grew up (and it takes til like 30 for most, not all, but most men to grow up) I might not advise you to call it off, that's up to you but, I would strongly advise waiting a few more years (if its meant to be, that time won't change your love) 25 is a good age, not too old but not too young.

Did he experience alcohol for the first time ?

when alcohol is flowing in, truth is often what comes out. looks like there are some issues you guys need to resolve OP. don't dump him without trying to work things out first.

Druu 53

I've never understood that. I mean it doesn't really seem that alcohol is some magical truth serum. Yes, it can low inhibitions, which can lead to some things being said that are true, but would not say sober for reasons. However, people can still lie and be manipulative with alcohol in their veins. It may not be the case in this FML, but it's something to remember in real life.

A drunken man's words are a sober man's thoughts. Just move on...

Druu 53

It's a glitch in the matrix!! Everyone run! Op is an agent...

If having feelings for an ex was a reason to not get married then pretty much no one would get married. There's a thing called "talking about it" that they'll have to learn how to do.

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Once he gets sober talk to him about it, imagine this shite in your marriage? Not the life to be leading I say.

I'm with everyone else; send him packing, and find the guy who wants only you, not some girl from his past.

Fiancé? Sounds a bit too immature for that sort of commitment in my opinion

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Atleast he said it before you two got married even though he was drunk, I suggest you have a talk. Though it's ****** up that he never really told you that when he was sober and kind of lead you on like that.

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This is probably what he's been actually thinking when he was sober. You need to talk to him and find out if he still does have feelings for his ex. If he does, then you need to move in

Yeeeeeah, I would be rethinking that engagement OP.