By nyx - 27/09/2014 08:16 - United States - San Francisco

Today, my boyfriend asked me to marry him. When I happily told my dad, he kept asking if I'd consider taking back my ex. FML
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Screw him. Congratulations on the proposal! :)

Congrats OP! I'm sure your dad will come around, he probably just doesn't know your fiancee well enough yet


Congrats OP! I'm sure your dad will come around, he probably just doesn't know your fiancee well enough yet

i agree, sometimes parents say and do very stupid things just because they think that they can help or protect their sons/daughters that way! so dont be mad, congraaats :)))

It depends on how stubborn he is or his reasoning behind it. Hopefully he comes around though!

Sounds like your dad doesn't want like your bf, just kidding, obviously he doesn't, yeah... just ruined the comment, anyways: congrats!!!!

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I think it's trying to communicate ^

Did anyone else read this in a hyperactive teenager voice?

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Op, Just live your life. Hopefully, your mom thinks differently on the situation.

Exactly what I was thinking, though I'm sure OP obviously wants her fathers approval.

It's your decision, if he doesn't like it then tough luck. You should do what makes you happy

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First of all: congratulations! Second: don't listen to your dad.

He's a dick. OP congrats a bunch on the propaal


Congratulations. Talk to your mom. She will straighten dad out.

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Unless mom isn't around anymore... totally a possibility you know.

Calm down, your dad is just trying to get you a threesome. I say go for it.

I remember when FML was a humor site. *sigh*

#23, just because youre not into 3somes doesnt mean you should judge it and call it "gross". that puts negativity on it. if everyone is consenting, willing, responsible, and it brings happiness, where is the harm?

Maybe 23 was calling her dad setting it up gross? It would be pretty weird to have your parents organizing your sex life.

#33 like 37 said, i think the idea of a threesome including a family member is gross. i don't mind regular threesomes at all. c: