AAA, hello?

By JFC! - 31/03/2011 01:07 - United States

Today, I was forced to look on in utter horror as an old lady backed out of her parking space, kept going well past the turning point, and slammed straight into my car, putting a dent in the front and shattering the headlights. FML
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KoalaBear10 7

Aw, hope she didn't just drive away >.>

free2speak 14

there is a thing called "horn" in the middle of your steering wheel. you don't just stare, you honk that bitch really loudly and hope that she isn't a deaf old lady.


KoalaBear10 7

Aw, hope she didn't just drive away >.>

grizzvolleyball9 4

Damn old lady.. just kidding! But now seriously..

Sue the fucker American style

wat if she's asian

Would it matter what race she was?

And then jail her american style: Handcuff her tight while throwing her onto the car in a massive speed.

smee_hee 0

damn that sucks

then bomb her home while your looking for oil. American Style

fml_psl 0

Ya true

was she Asian?

did u see her license plate mate? pretty sure she's worth more than dentures :D

yeah sue her and take all of her money so she can't make mortgage payments and the bank forecloses on her house, American style.

I've had that happen except it was a young woman and she kept driving. Cops told me it wasn't worth persuing as I was fine and the legal costs would out way the damages

isaw that happen today iwas walking home from school then she sped off after breaking the headlights and almost ran me over

LOL! A similar story happened in Australia today... this lil' old lady reversed straight out of her car spot, through a fence, onto and across the road managing to dodge all traffic, and into a construction site. They reckon they should charge her, I think she should win an award for the amazing stunt driving.

she probably died. so you can't sue really

You can always try.


hmm. what a geezer. tell her to get in kitchen? works with my daughter

works with my sister

works with my GF

Works with my dog.

anakaren_831 1

Works with my gay brother.

DiamondFinish 0

#61 win

HAHA! Misogyny is so funnay! Morons.

Works with my wife


omg doc commented on my thinger

funnyFMLSplz 0

works with my mom.


works with my fiance


lol.... That sucks

I think OP is lucky as hell! My cars bumper is in rather bad shape. Some half crazy old lady ramming into the front of my car is just what I need, because then I get a new bumper at the expense of her insurance company that she won't have to pay for anymore because her license will be revoked.

lol doesn't you insurance go up even if it wasn't your old ad doesn't the value of your car go down because it has been in an accident?

Who the hell is this guy?

Gotta watch out for those crazy old ladies...

sue her dentures off!!!!!

free2speak 14

there is a thing called "horn" in the middle of your steering wheel. you don't just stare, you honk that bitch really loudly and hope that she isn't a deaf old lady.

What makes you think they didn't honk? Quit assuming...

maybe she wasnt in her car

But OP didn't feel horny.

mayb the person wasn't in the car and saw the old lady crash into his/her car

What if OP's horn doesn't work?

It was intentional. She heard what you said about her sweet potato pie.

jblovee02 0

why didn't you do anything

it's hard to stop oblivious people driving cars, unless op could bend space and stop the ladies car there was little op could do...

PeeNaught 3

I was thinking that too, also OP, utter horror, I'll be mocking that, and at least the damage wasn't worse I mean please come on I think you overreacted just a bit...

Somebody had a senior moment.

more like a blonde one OP coulda honked the horn

Why is it always seniors that are terrible drivers? (Not all of them). They're the ones that have been on the road for the longest...

KoalaBear10 7

Sadly, their reflexes and senses have deteriorated :p

because your mind starts to die first

Thank you, kartilino, but no, I'm not stupid. Many older people don't even have an excuse. I know my own grandma doesn't, she just has road rage. Obviously their eyesight, hearing, thinking process, etc. doesn't always work as well anymore. But that doesn't apply to every older human being.

Your right, bit most do. The rest don't live long enough to see that happen. It's not like saying elderly people are generally worse drivers is meant to be offensive. It's a sad fact.

As you get older, your reflexes get slower, also vision gets worse!

TrollsHaveSouls 0

wat a bitch