By blinded - 05/07/2009 16:10 - United States

Today, my little brother learned that breaking a glow stick and emptying it into someone's eyes does not help them see in the dark. It's a good lesson, I just wish he hadn't used my eyes to learn it. The doctor says the burning feeling should go away in 3 or 4 days. FML
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Ouch, I got that in my mouth once. It's awful.

Shoulda tried in on himself


Ouch, I got that in my mouth once. It's awful.

LoL i disagree. i used to bite glowsticks until they opened, and i rather enjoyed the taste :/ lol but OP. that sucks ass

find something else that has bad side effects and pour it in his eyes... like hydrochloric acid for example. just sayin..

Im no doctor but how could u type and see

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125, because the goo is see through, or it could hace happened in the past!

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^wowww....... That really sucks tho.... I would beat the crap out of my little brother Just take sleeping pills to make you sleep the days out

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lol thts wat I was thinking

There are no such thing as a '******' anymore. get a life dude.

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this was more funny than the post. lol. I mean it is ignorant as hell but i really don't think it was serious at all. I actually started busting out laughing out loud for real. glow stick in eyes. what a dummy lol. not saying you let him but if you Sid you are so retarded. but ya fyl.

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no it's not a fail. it's the biggest fail.. ever


I'm LMAO at his epic fail, however, I'm pretty sure I'll be next to make that mistake

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would you like a side of epic with that fail?

your REALLY stupid

Shoulda tried in on himself

:| ow that happened to my mum once

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lol, putting chemicals in your eyes is a really good idea *thumbs up*

It wasn't the OP who did it you moron,

"never put salt in your eyes. never-never-never put salt-put salt-always put salt in your eyes."

HELL YES Kids in the Hall.

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Wow, did you let him do that?

Obviously not. His brother probably did it that to him while he was asleep. This is the reason why I do not want children, stupid *******.

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kids like that are awesome they provide humor because they think doing that can help people see in the dark which is why their logic is funny but i dont understand why he wouldn't do it on himself and why his big brother decided to put this online which would bother his eyes more and probably result in grammar or spelling errors but it still sucks and i like this fml :D

I think this is fake. There's no way the little brother could have managed to get it in the OP's eyes unless the OP let him. Also, when you're asleep, your eyes are generally closed.

unless he opened the OP's eyelids. :p

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it never even said he was asleep?

the eyelid muscles are FAR from the strongest in the body...any little kid could pry your eyes open when you're sleeping...

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did your eyes glow in the dark? maybe I'll try that

Yes your eyes do glow in the dark. I found that out at a dance in 8th grade, when my friend broke their glowstick and it went in my eye. It burns!

Teach yourself the lesson that covering someone in spiders doesn't turn them into Spiderman.

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hahahahahaha that's for sure

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well ur a bit f'ed aren't you now? just screw him up later maybe shove his head in the toilet

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That had to hurt. FYL indeed.