By Nalya - 27/12/2008 10:26 - France

Today, my fiancé told me, that after 7 years together, he is no longer in love with me. Shocked and appalled, I ask him if he has anything else to add. "Happy Birthday". FML
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1daggs 0

This just happened to me too ><

NoNaMe5 0

I did not know that #1. And I'm sorry that your fiancé is such an asshole

hes not an asshole, he just chose a bad time to break up

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Numba22 0

i'm sorry.... but i laughed my ass off. and #1 i didnt know that either. thats good to know. thanks

HeyThereGorgeous 0

I would have socked him and then dumped his butt out. That really stinks!