By Jon - 02/04/2011 16:44 - United States

Today, my ex fiancée, who left me six months ago, asked if I'd mind if she used the wedding dress I bought her for our wedding. She's just gotten engaged again. FML
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dame that's fucked up...I hope you told her no!

Hey, she's the one who'll end up miserable in the end. Cheer up buddy. Oh, and don't give that hussy the dress.


YDI for being a dinosaur on thirsdays

a_cassie 4

whaaaat? :O

Yeah I was thinking the same thing o.O

Omg. I was so confused reading this FML. Thank you so much for clearing that up for us as to why their relationship broke down(!)

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I've been that in love before, where I wanted to marry her then and there, but I wanted to take the time to be sure we were right for each other. plus the idea of losing half my stuff if things turned sour didn't sit well with me

hahaha this comment.... i dont even know what to say bahahaha

Who the hell can't spell Thursdays right?

that's not how you spell it?!?! FML. :p

dame that's fucked up...I hope you told her no!

damn. I'm sorry

chester75 5

I would I have given back the dress, after I drenched it in fruit punch.

chester75 5

5 your comment left me utterly confused

I would have had someone else wear it, then send the ex a photo with a 'NO' written underneath. Then tell the biatch to delete your number and never contact you again.

take a piss in her wheaties

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your ex have some nerve to ask you that. I would have said no, fuck you and your wedding buy your own dress.

I hope you returned it or burned the thing. and said sure and when she showed up gave her the ashes. fyl that's f***ing cold

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just take the dress and rip a huge hole in it and then give it back to her

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OP ia obviously a straight male. So I doubt he would taste sweet revenge by wearing the thing to her wedding..

New Jersey women have no class.

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why the hell would a guy want to go to her wedding anyway and 2 in a dress. he is not stuck with that biatch so good for him. return the dress to the store and get your money back wedding dresses are expensive. or charge her for it.

36 - just what I was thinking. or punch her in the utterus

That sucks. FYL

So did you punch her? :D :D :D :D

reminds me of good luck chuck. when u where little did a gothic girl who loved u put a spell on u?

Hey, she's the one who'll end up miserable in the end. Cheer up buddy. Oh, and don't give that hussy the dress.

Ha say yes and sometime before the wedding bump into her new fiancé. Casually tell him how great of a guy he is to stick with her even with her mental disability. when he says what disability, you say, "oh, umm, never mind.". Then walk away

Listen up people. OP did not say HE had the dress. Tell her "It's bad luck as far as I am concerned... so have at it".

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He should tell her his wife already used it!!!;D

he should tell her yes if he's invited to the wedding. then he should crash the wedding and bang all her friends including her mom. then get married to her best friend. In the end, ask her if he can use the wedding rings that were for their marriage. heeheehee.


That sucks. Try to get it back??

Did you say "i do," cuz you should've!

puahahahaha. Damn.... thats messed.

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what's ur #

Why would you think I would give you my number?

when I read this comment I thought of the video of the english dudes on the highway asking a girl"what's ya numbah?"...

^ what is FMl??????????????????!

Well, since it wasn't in my messages i actually answered. lols!! People theses days!

Wow. I think your probably the only person who noticed that it isn't me lols

Anyone have Avril's number?

Lol. Nah. But my friends say if i died my hair and change my eye color we would look like twins. Exept she would be older then me lols

I dare somebody to do that!! But wouldn't you get charged like a fee for wasting their time lols

Lols. Im mad they moderated the guys comment who asked me for my number lols.

Lmao the problem is i don't know him lol.

Im sortof new at this so how do you send messages to people??


41 he thinks thats youre picture.

oooKiLLaHooo 0 hot as she may or may not should probably still hit on girls in person rather than online..jut saying..

Yea thats the way it is supposed to be!!^^

Today, I called 911 and asked Avril. They said they would send some one to take me to her. Where I ended up, they treated me like I was Avril. FML.

it's actually pretty obvious that you're not Avril Lavigne. I'm not Indian though... O.o

66 I think everyone knows it's not her pic. you dumbs** can you not take a joke.

Are you all seriously fighting about avril?

Yes. Yes we are. Way to state the obvious.

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you should kill a bitch!!!

That's a shame you bought her her wedding dress...Sucks to be you, but I think you should give it away anyways. It's just less memories of her.