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  jdengel  |  0

I've been that in love before, where I wanted to marry her then and there, but I wanted to take the time to be sure we were right for each other. plus the idea of losing half my stuff if things turned sour didn't sit well with me

  Texast  |  0

why the hell would a guy want to go to her wedding anyway and 2 in a dress. he is not stuck with that biatch so good for him. return the dress to the store and get your money back wedding dresses are expensive. or charge her for it.

  Tuesdays76  |  0

Ha say yes and sometime before the wedding bump into her new fiancé. Casually tell him how great of a guy he is to stick with her even with her mental disability. when he says what disability, you say, "oh, umm, never mind.". Then walk away

  Isabel312  |  0

he should tell her yes if he's invited to the wedding. then he should crash the wedding and bang all her friends including her mom. then get married to her best friend. In the end, ask her if he can use the wedding rings that were for their marriage. heeheehee.