By ididntdoanythingaight - United States
Today, I got engaged to my boyfriend of three years. I made the announcement on my status on facebook so people would congratulate me. The only response I got about my engagement was from a girl I knew saying; "Umm, he didn't tell you he was cheating on you for three years with me?" FML
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  shelbtron  |  0

you know, it sucks that he was cheating on you, but when you started your thing with "i put it on facebook so people would congratulate me" man, FUCK you! YDI

  plasticbag88  |  0

Yes, it does mean recently fuckhead, learn to read. She has been going out with him for 3 years. Then the other chick says her boyfriend has been cheating on her for 3 years, aka the whole relationship.

  Sessee  |  4

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  mikelangele  |  15

@#90 wow cos its such a sin to want to not only feel good about oneself but also share the joy of the fact that she's marrying the one she loves. At least she's not trying to feel good about herself by putting someone else down and yes I know I'm putting you down. That's the irony! In this case Y FUCKING DI!!!

  save_me_08  |  0

well it probably got her lots of comments which is what it seems like she wanted in the first place. And they will probably still be in for favor...granted i doubt she would have wanted everyone to know she was cheated on

  eliz3  |  0

The fact that you comment on plenty of FML's with fairly sexist and unreasonable opinions makes me think its actually highly unlikely you EVER get laid. Shame.

  DarthFurby  |  0

I'm not sure what's more pathetic, him spending his time making sexist comments on this site, or the fact that you recognize him because YOU'RE on here so often.

  BLNovelist  |  0

YEah, it just seems way too likely to be real....considering no one so much as said congrats? Either the OP has some bitch friends - or she has an asshole boyfriend/fiance.