By Anonymous - / Saturday 18 December 2010 03:07 / United States
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  starile  |  19

OP's brother should know that by now if he's marrying her. In fact, he's probably 10x better than OP in bed, which is why OP is an ex and why his brother is the groom.
The week long honeymoon fuckfest is a given.

  omgshaylaaa  |  0

that saying applies in highschool where all of the boys follow the "hump it and dump it" moto.
if a guy doesn't want to end up alone and miserable in his life he's not going to put his "bros before hoes". sensible men don't think that way.


No, it also has to do with not allowing a woman to to get in-between or ruin a friendship. Sensible men would not disregard that mantra, as anyone sensible would not jeopardize relations with friends.

  timma90  |  4

Friends get extremely jealous, it's hardly relevant to this FML but people who follow that bros before hos statement and then loses a good relationship due to his 'bros' getting jealous or threatened is not that convenient. I know it's happened to me, really helps you to find out who your real friends are and who are the petty jealous wankers but at the cost you're losing the best thing of that present time.


mmmmm maby if u got a problem with that I'll skin you nice and slow with a dull serated knife and force feed you your own skin and than leave u in a dark room unroll u die of infection bloodloss or hunger<3


with mousetraps and with tacs extended from the ground small ones then after his eyeballs have of course exploded from to much water lol that's a good one but then take the skin down to the bone on the fingers and file the bone then put toothpics between there toes and slam there toes shut then when all is said and done sodemize them with a meat hook


FYI squirll if I gave a shot bout me grammmer I wouldeve done it properly u know ur a little pimpled faced nerd who is shy of girls and has notheing better to do with there time but correct people to fill there pathetic void but seriously grow up cuz there's no point in correcting of u obviously know what they mean so scat Kay <3


mmm gene that's a nice 1 but the water pressure in the eyes would probably press on the brain and cause death I'd say pop them with a white hot needle insted of injecting water into them =}

  TurboTalon  |  0

It takes a VERY sharp blade to skin anything. Using a dull knife would be nearly impossible, you'd end up standing there looking like a retard while you poked him.

  naximus93  |  0

Twisted, you're annoying me. Also, I think that you have some major, deep issues. And it concerns me.

About the gay thing; yeah I don't think it's right, but I do think that men and women are tempted with it all the time. Kinda like with alcohol, drugs etc. Blah, blah, blah (yeah I know that no one wants to hear about this stuff so for the viewers, I'll stop).

But for your information, I wasn't trying to put you down or diss you for that at all. However, I think (unless joking around), that it is sick and creepy to hit on people through these sites. As KaySL has said, this is not eHarmony, moron.

  FFML_314  |  11

*FYI Squirell, if I gave a shit about my grammar, I would've done it properly the first time. You know that you're a little pimple faced nerd, who is to shy to talk to girls and has nothing better to do with his time, but correct people to fill your pathetic void. Seriously, grow up, because there's no point in correcting people, if you know that they mean. OBVIOUSLY!
So, scat. Kay?

I hate you, 42.
Besides, if you didn't care about your grammar, you wouldn't have 'attempted' to correct yourself. Which, by they way, you failed miserably. Now go bring your sadistic ass to the therapist.

  agm2010  |  0

I find it
amusing that you are over here correcting someone else (as if we are all Turing an essay in) an you messed up on your own corrections.
it's ..'too,' and u put to.
an I wasn't going correct you but since you were being such a perfectionist., just thought I'd let you know.
and just leave twisted alone please? thanks

  FFML_314  |  11

No one is perfect, but I'm not an idiot. How can you know the difference between too and to, but fail to put 'and' instead of 'an?'
At least you were able to find something. Although, you're still an idiot. I don't correct people because I pretend to be perfect. I just put my brain to good use.

  KiwiDingo  |  0

#69- you fail as well. she was right to use "to" and not "too". too refers to having too much of something etc. not going TO a place. go back to school. you too twisted. you both need an education.

  agm2010  |  0

lol 84 .. it is suppose to be 'way too shy to blah blah bla'
and the whole an and thing.
yeah I noticed that. but I was texting this too fast I guess I hit the spacebar too (not to) fast that it didnt even pick up the 'd'
lol cracks me up how these r suppose to be comments to the FML not to correct the comments.
but I couldn't help but tell u to stop acting like it kills u if u see 'u' instead of 'you'