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Today, after struggling with anorexia for months, I got food poisoning. FML
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Oh God - here we go again. 150 comments by dumb ***** whose knowledge of the subject comes from watching re-runs of Jerry Springer.


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Just kill yourself. It's not that hard.

how would you know how hard it is to kill yourself?? have you done it???... 0.o

but yeah that sucks op, try just slowly increasing portion size until it's back to an average persons meal

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This place is crawling with idiots tonight. I don't have to snort cocaine to know it would get me high quite easily.

Anyone being stupid to #1's post, stfu. He is completely correct. OP - Hope you can manage to start eating properly again.

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1 - for some people with anorexia it's actually really hard. they need to go to like therapies and nutritionists and stuff like that just to almost "re-learn" to eat. also a lot of anorexics will even develope certain food phobias where they are actually afraid to eat certain foods. anorexia and other eating disorders are not just people tryna lose weight in a stupid way. they're actually mental disorders which take a long time to control should a person with one choose to.

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21- you're right. It's a mental illness, which they themselves are unable to control. They can't just eat, as they see themselves as fat and think everyone will judge them. They don't usually believe they're anorexic, but fat.


it's actually a disease.. and yes they see themselves fat in there own reflection as the mind is telling itself it is fat. I literally feel sorry for ppl with anorexia.. Fu++s your whole lifestyle.

I had anorexia for years, some on and off, but it never really went away. At the beginning, it really is not very difficult to control, but if you let it get worse, your own psychosis will have a field day with it and then your mind is so far gone that even professionals can't help. It's a lot like depression, which I think more people can relate to, where you're your own worst enemy; judge, jury and executioner, sometimes literally. 21 is dead-on, but it's a shame that a lot of folks, usually those who've hardly heard of eating disorders, won't fully understand why one can't "just eat." Ah well.

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She said she was only dealing with it for a couple months so A) it's probably not that difficult for her to eat, as it takes quite awhile to fully develop full fear/aversion to foods and B) it's not technically anorexia according to the DSM, probably just another young teenager who thinks they have a problem

Yeah she tried it and obviously failed

or she should just stop being an effing whinger, hard the f**k up and eat a decent f*cking meal. it's not rocket science..

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I had anoxeria!! and it is hard to eat again! but u just ate a lil bit everyday and now I'm eating fine again

16 - you are the dumbest ****** alive. Please, just kill yourself now before perpetuating any part of yourself into our gene pool.

Some people are excessively ignorant. "Just Eat". Yes, that should work. Anorexia is a horrible disease that I had to deal with for two years. Therapy doesn't teach you how to eat, they teach you why you should eat. Victims of Anorexia have such low self-esteem, they're biggest worry is to not be accepted by society, so they rely on depriving themselves from food, in order to meet society's expectations. They feel that if they gain weight, society will view them as a monstrosity.

because eating a decent meal when you consist of only skin and bones of definately going to turn you into a monstrosity....

i had anorexia, so **** off anyone who is disrespectful. OP- don't lose faith. you can get through it

blcarter81: It sounds ridiculous, but that's the way people feel. They don't realize they are skin and bones, they see themselves as fat, even when they are not.

I dont get how it is a disease or how obesity is a disease it should b a condition u don't get infected by obesity and it aint contagious

Your spelling is so terrible it physically hurts me. That aside, FYL.

it's actually possible to "overdose" w/ food when your body is not used to digesting normal amounts. you should never try to cure anorexia without a doctor/dietologist advising you

you really should stick to food you make after your eating disorder bout. something light so your body can handle it.

That's so sad, I hope that you recover from both these things and are happy and healthy soon :)

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Oh God - here we go again. 150 comments by dumb ***** whose knowledge of the subject comes from watching re-runs of Jerry Springer.

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Or a psychology class.. dumbass. It IS a mental disorder that should be taken care of with help from a nutritionist or therapist, and they should work up from smaller portions to normal meals.

#25, I'm fairly certain that zeb was referring to the idiots that say "just eat, dur" and similarly ignorant comments. If you are looking for a fight, look elsewhere or at least get your facts straight first.

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Because Jerry Springer definitely tells people to "just eat". And since when has that show had anything to do with anorexia? I'm not looking for a fight. I'm saying that there are people who actually know what they're talking about when it comes to this subject.

I've never seen Jerry Springer so I can't speak to that and I can't say for sure what zeb meant but he usually has intelligent comments and has railed against people making ignorant snap judgements more than once. But even if one is unaware of that, it is obvious he wasn't referring to the people who know what they are talking about since he clearly indicated people who have inadequate knowledge of the subject. I'm not trying to argue with you either. I'm just saying you should save your ire for the fools that actually did say "just eat".

LOL! Of COURSE I meant people who say 'just eat, hurr'. Anorexia is a complex and very real disorder that is misunderstood by people that have no experience of it. People with anorexia are praised for looking great as they lose weight, right up to the point where people turn on them and get judgemental. It's an impossibly fine line for people to tread. People who suffer from it need professional help, rather than the tabloid TV judgementalism that is heaped upon them. I don't even have to scroll down the comments to know the sort of bullshit that'll be there. Jerk? Dumbass? What an amazing way to get the wrong end of the stick...

mate. you copped the wrong end of that stick, both ends of the ugly stick.... you poor poor soul!